Is Tea Whitener Worth to be Called Milk?

A Comparison of Dairy Milk and Tea Whitener

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With the passage of time increase in population and decrease in the agricultural land the amount of dairy milk production also decrease which results an increase in demand. While in Pakistan most people belong to lower or lower middle-class families. They feel the dairy milk is too expensive for them so they start to search an alternative for it. This provides a chance to Tea Whitener product manufacturers to get into this industry. Now after 10-15 years, Whitener Worth has gained a significant share of milk in the market.

Is Tea Whitener Worth to be Called Milk?

This became a very important question for our people after Supreme Court declare tea whitener isn’t fit for human health. In which court order tea-whitener companies to write clearly mention on their product that “this is not milk “. So the question is what is the tea-whitener, whether it can be used as an alternative for natural milk? And how much it is dangerous for human health.


To understand the difference between dairy milk and tea whitener we have to study the composition of dairy milk and the process of tea whitener according to international standards. Dairy milk obtained from cow possess 87.5% water, 4.8% lactose, 3.4% fat, 3.3% protein, and 0.7% minerals. Composition of milk depends upon the species of animals from which the milk is taken like cow, goat, and sheep; it may also vary with the breed of animal. Feed has also an impact on it.

Dairy milk contains its own fats while the tea whitener contains vegetable fats

Tea-whitener formula is more or less same as dairy milk but it has vegetable fats instead of the natural fat amount of carbohydrates is more as compared to dairy milk. Protein is added artificially execrated from milk. Digestion of protein in dairy milk is also a difference between the two. Protein in dairy milk is easily digestible while the protein in tea-whitener takes more time to digest.

So the main difference is we say in the type of fat contained in both the products. Dairy milk contains its own fats while the tea whitener contains vegetable fats e.g. (coconut oil).Tea-whitener has some serious side effects due to the chemicals in it and it couldn’t be an alternative for dairy milk. It is artificially made from different chemicals that are not very fit for health. It cannot give you the strength and benefits what you desire of drinking milk.

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