How to Write Blogs that Go Viral: Content Strategy

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Content writing is the best and most famous source of income these days. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and most important is knowledge and good writing skills. Because only a good content can make you earn well. Let’s read this detail blog that aims to help the beginners in blogging in order to earn good amount from their websites. How to Write Blogs that Go Viral: Content Strategy.

How to Write Blogs that Go Viral: Content Strategy

Here are some easy yet helpful steps to make a blog viral on social media platforms:

  • Content is King

Yes, this is right. A good is the core of everything in online world. A quality content must comprise of following main points:

  1. Rich in knowledge
  2. Researched-based
  3. Detailed
  4. Always “create a content that can educates your readers”
  5. Look for Meaty content ideas
  6. With correct grammar
  7. Effective, helpful and catchy vocabulary
  8. Short and comprised of equal paragraphs
  9. Starts with catchy introduction, has effective body and understandable ending

Always Choose A Right Topic

  • The Science of Persuasion

Along with good writing skills, the content must be persuasive. The quality and style of writing convinces a reader to stay for long on your website. Start the title of your blog with catchy and persuasive words; let’s have a look at these samples:

Hence, always try to select such words that can persuade the reader to stay on your blog or article.

Content is King in the World of Blogging

  • Bullet Points and Subheadings

Always use “Bullet Points and Subheadings” in your blog/article in order to make it easy to scan by the reader. The more easily a reader scan or extract significant details from your blog; more longer he will stay and consistently visit your blog.

  • Always Write Positively

The world is already full of hatred and pessimism. As a good writer, always try to look for positive things in the situation. Be optimistic while writing.

  • Add Creative Images or Videos

For those who don’t like to read enough, try to insert a good video or an image in to the blog. This will further help them to understand your point or idea.

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