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How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan-A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide to Know Basics about Freelancing

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A freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. There is a difference between online work and freelancing. The type of work freelancers do varies. Anyone can be a freelancer. Freelancing is not only meant for IT people, doctors and lawyers are earning more than IT people from these websites. Many people in Pakistan are interested in freelancing but they don’t know how to start freelancing so here are few tips for the beginners.

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Find Your Passion and Skill

Before starting freelancing you must find your interest and passion. Once you find your passion you will find a direction. You may already know the primary skill you want to pursue as a freelancing opportunity. If you’re working alone, focus only on those skills you’re good with. Whether you are writer, a marketer, designer or a web developer you must know your best skills. Online freelancing sites, like ‘Elance’, have skill tests to help you determine where your strengths lie, and you can use the opportunity to not only pin point your talents, but discover those which are hidden.

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan-A Complete Guide

Create a Portfolio

Your portfolio is an instrument of marketing. If you have several quality samples of the services you wish to sell you have a better chance at success. If you don’t have these, create them by either generating samples in your free time or offer to work for free. This will help you strengthen your portfolio. As the structure of your freelancing career will stand upon it. Because in freelancing experience carries more value than qualifications. As clients want to know if you are the right choice for them.

Market your Brand

It is important to know that you are your brand; your skills, your personality and your abilities all make up who you are as professional, and people will come to know of this through your website, blog or a social media account. While interacting on these, you need to come across as an expert in your field. And show that you are good at what you do. Potential clients can be made through referrals. The best way to achieve that is to make name for yourself online through your quality of work, even if you do it for free.

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan-A Complete Guide

Use Online Freelancing Sites

Online freelancing sites are the best platforms to search for freelance jobs relevant to your specialization. One example is ‘Upwork’ which provides the opportunity to create a freelancer profile to showcase your skills. And also provides information regarding potential clients who are looking for someone with your skill set. You can then send the client an application which represents your strengths to impress them into offering you the project. ‘Fiverr’ is world’s largest website for providing freelance services. Buyers like Fiverr because they can get small tasks done quickly and cheaply, there isn’t a large risk and over time they can find dependable freelancers they can turn to for quality work.

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