How to Search A Cheap Hotel or Guest House for Your Trip in Pakistan

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Looking for a good hotel especially with low budget is the most difficult task for a traveler. Above all selection of hotel or guest house in other cities with good nearby food spots is even trickier. So instead of calling various hotels for prices and facilities they offer, the best way is to look for some easy and helpful alternative. How to Search A Cheap Hotel or Guest House for Your Trip in Pakistan.

The most common way in Pakistan to look for hotels etc. is Google which is of course a good approach. But still let us share some exclusively devoted platforms or ways that can help you out in hotel selection no matter wherever you want to go across Pakistan. Additionally, we will also recommend few restaurants in those cities with amazing food items for the foodies.

How to Search A Cheap Hotel or Guest House for Your Trip in Pakistan

Top 3 Ways to Find Hotel or Guest House in Pakistan

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, Inc. is actually an American travel and restaurant website that provides with extremely huge list of hotels and restaurants and other travel-related content. The online platform is a very good and reliable source for all range of hotel bookings. It has very interesting categories keeping in view the different type of travelers. You can find all range of hotels with compete details and cheapest rates option as well. So if you are searching for any of the following category hotel on the web across Pakistan, then TripAdvisor is definitely a right place for you:

  • Hotels with free Wi-Fi in Islamabad
  • Bed and breakfasts in Islamabad
  • Romantic hotels in Islamabad
  • Hotels with complimentary breakfast in Islamabad
  • Mid-range hotels in Islamabad
  • Family-friendly hotels in Islamabad
  • Charming hotels in Islamabad
  • Business hotels in Islamabad

TripAdvisor provides with all relevant information that is important for a traveler i.e. pictures of hotels, latest reviews, nearby of the hotel etc. you can also download its App from Play Store if you are a techie!!

Best Restaurants in Islamabad:

Here we go with our highly recommended restaurant list for foodies in Islamabad:

  1. Monal
  2. Country High Land Club
  • Ginyaki
  1. Ox & Grill
  2. Atrio Café & Grill

These are only Islamabad-based restaurants with excellent options for desi, steaks, burgers and Chinese food lovers.

  1. Google Maps

Another interesting, easy and personally tried method is search through Google Maps. Let’s suppose you are planning to visit Chitral this summer, all you need to do is to go to Google Maps and write “Hotels in Chitral” in the search bar. The following screen will appear in front of you:

You will find all details if you click on any hotel or guest house selected by you. Select the cheapest hotel from the appeared options on Google Maps for your stay.

Isn’t it interesting and easy way to find hotel before you travel to any place in Pakistan?

Eatery Options at Chiral:

So if you are planning to visit Chitral in coming summers then don’t forget to eat at PTDC Chiral as their chicken karahi and breakfast was best in entire Chitral.

Pamir RiverSide Inn is also an amazing place to stay and eat in Chitral. They will serve you food and tea at the river side; which is totally breath taking view.

Facebook Search

Social media platforms can also help you just like a search engine. Looking for a hotel in Nathiagali is not all a difficult thing. All you need to do is to type “hotel in nathiagali” and you find various options in front of you:

Additionally, Facebook has a dedicated tab for the same purpose. Type “guest house in rawalpindi” in the search bar of Facebook and you will see “Places” tab under it:

Click on the “Places” tab. Facebook can also help you for your search via public posts.

So this is how one can use a social media platform like Facebook to extract contact details, hotel reviews and pictures of hotels/guest houses in order to book a room easily.

A perfect place for stay during traveling is the most fundamental thing we all want. We hope the above mentioned ways will help you in hotel/guest house booking in future.


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