How to Increase Your Smartphone Battery Life

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We do a lot of multitasking on our smartphone these days, which consumes hell of battery. And even sometimes a 4000 mAh is not enough. So let’s explore some useful tips and tricks in order to increase the battery life for daily usage. How to Increase Your Smartphone Battery Life.

How to Increase Your Smartphone Battery Life

  • Always Close All Apps Before Locking Your Smartphone

Make it a habit. Closing all Apps will surely helps your battery to survive for longer duration

  • Apply Quick Auto-Lock

Do apply a quick auto-lock on your mobile phone.

  • Disable Location Service

Location service consumes a lot of battery. So when you don’t need it then disable your mobile location service.

  • Turn On Auto-Brightness 

Auto-brightness feature is really a blessing. It automatically saves your battery percentage. So make sure you have on your  auto-brightness. For this follow these steps:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations and toggle “Auto-Brightness” to On. 

  • Remove On-screen Widgets

Removing on screen widgets can also help in increasing the life of your smartphone.

  • Turn off Auto-sync

Yes, always turn off the auto-synchronization.

  • Check on GPS, Bluetooth, NFC

Keep a check on the GPS, NFC, Bluetooth mobile data if you are not using them or if mistakenly on then in this way you can switch it off.

Enjoy a long battery life of your smartphone with these few easy tips and tricks !!!

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