How to Do Perfect SEO of a Blog?

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Definitely good writing skills can take your website to the next level. But also along with effective writing skills there comes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your blog/article accessed by majority of internet readers. Hence, this blog aims to explain the main SEO steps that will help the online writers to reach to their relevant and maximum readers. How to Do Perfect SEO of a Blog?

How to Do Perfect SEO of a Blog?

Here are the basic seven steps of a good SEO:

Title or Heading of Blog

Write a good and catchy heading of your blog. The title must be in simple words; don’t use difficult words in the heading as people don’t search in difficult words on Google. The heading must contain one or two most searched words related to your topic.

Select a URL

URL and Focus Keyword must be similar/same

Heading inside First Paragraph of the Blog

Just copy paste the heading of your blog in the first para where it fits

Heading 2

Also copy paste the heading as Heading 2 in the blog. (Select Heading 2 from the toolbar)

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After these steps come the rest of basic three steps of a SEO.

Describe Meta Description

The meta description of a blog must contain the main heading. Other than heading, it has general description of your topic which appears on google search under the URL that must be so relevant and can convince the reader to open your article.

Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword is the heart of SEO. It is the word/words on which a readers google any topic on search engine. Hence, it be relevant, short and easy.

Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords come after Focus Keyword. You can write 2 or 3 important words other than Focus Keywords on which your blog topic can be google.

Follow these SEO steps and make your blogs viral on the web.


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