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How to Choose the Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapel?

Booking a wedding chapel in Las Vegas is the best idea that we will cherish your whole life.

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Marriage is a lifetime experience and it is worthwhile to make our big day an unforgettable event. There are numerous wedding planners, who will plan according to your wishes and add their creativity into it. The idea of destination weddings has recently evolved and Las Vegas Is full of all the fantastic things you need for a memorable wedding event and exciting honeymoon. Therefore, booking a wedding chapel in Las Vegas is the best idea that we will cherish your whole life. Let us help you in How to Choose the Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Must- Have Features

We want our wedding day to be perfect in all aspects and we know the location matters most. In order to help you in planning your big day, we have researched the most recommended wedding chapel features, which you should consider before booking any.

We understand, everyone has their own set preferences, but there are certain mandatory features for a perfect venue including décor and location. And we have considered these preferences in our recommendation.

How to Choose the Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapel? Let us Help you!

Location of Chapel

Location need to be accessible with less travel time as this will be frustrating for your guests if the venue is far from their hotels and there is no or less parking space outside the chapel.

Further, we need to confirm whether the chapel you choose has the reception arrangements too, otherwise, you will have only the ceremony there and for the reception, you will be required to go along all the guests to another place. Just think, you along with your 100 plus guests moving to another location, this is troublesome even to imagine.

Themed Wedding

Themed wedding is an idea in trend while planning your wedding in chapel. There are many options available and what you wish, you will consider whether the chapel you are booking can arrange that or not. Ideas can be:

  • Modern & Upscale Chapels – this includes modern décor like large space, elegant chandeliers, mesmerizing scenic view.
  • Themed Chapels– couples choose whatever theme they like. There are many options available and open to your creativity as well, like neon lights, a nice romantic music in the background or more.
  • Old-Style Chapels– it has religious motifs and traditional pews. It depends on your choice if you like a traditional touch in Las Vegas.

Incredible Interior and Exterior Photo Views

Any venue we choose has a great impact on our wedding photos as the venue is in the backdrop of all our photos.

Why Exterior matters

For example  if you choose a chapel which is located in a commercial area, then in your photoshoot all you have will be buildings and streets as your backdrop. What we want is greenery, flowers, beautiful trees, or a lake view in our photos. Now the problem is it is not always convenient for every one of us to visit our selected chapel personally before booking it.

Most of us, usually rely on the photos available on their websites or what the owners provide us. In order to have a look at their surrounding area, try to take help from google maps. You can enter the address of your venue and look for the street view. This will enable you to have a close view of your desirable wedding venue and its surroundings, without personally visiting it.

Why Interior matters even more

Now the interior is even more crucial to ensure amazing photos of your event. As the majority of your wedding photos will be taken inside the chapel, so its appearance will definitely have an impact on your photos album.

Consider how the chapel interior and what you can add further with the backdrops. You should view the website, google about it to view different photographers work in the same chapel and in addition look for people reviews.

Interior Temperature Consideration

This is one of the most essential features for a wedding venue but sometimes may be overlooked. It does not matter, in what weather you are getting married, you need to consider the air conditioning and heating arrangements in the chapel you are booking.

In a huge gathering inside the chapel, nice pleasant weather becomes warm and you require air conditioning. Same you and many of your friends will want to wear sleeveless in winters assuming heaters are in order inside the chapel.

Availability of Wedding Packages

Some chapels offer nice and economical packages during specific months in a year.  Do visit their websites and check if your wedding dates are the same or you can plan vice versa i.e. choosing those dates for your wedding.

Discuss with the chapel management, what is offered in their packages and negotiate if you want to replace some of the offerings with your desirable things.

If the prospective chapel is out of the city at a nice scenic location, then you can book the same for your honeymoon. This idea can be communicated to the chapel management, and you may get further discount upon booking.

Online Reviews and Venue Tour

Before booking, do not forget to browse the online reviews of customers who had their events in that chapel. When you short-list a few chapels, try to visit them personally and while your visit keep in mind all the features, we just discussed above. Be specific about all the features and discuss with the chapel owners and management for more requirements.

Getting married is something we plan and dream for years and being particular about everything on this big day is normal. Right planning and then choosing the right wedding venue will not cause any hassle on that specific day.

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