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How Patterns of News Consumption are Changing with Time?

Traditional news sources are now replaced by social media platforms

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Few years back, we would hear the news spreads like wild fire. It would be safe to say by now, that not only news spreads like wild fire but our views change that quickly too now. We must be hearing one thing constantly and based on what we hear it is natural that we build a certain opinion about that certain topic or issue. But as soon as another side of the same story is revealed with fact and figures that validate the other side of the perspective, we also become doubtful in what we have been hearing up till now which may lead in either a shift in perspective or doubt that prevails for some time. There are many reasons how patterns of news consumption are changing with time and some of them are listed below.

How Patterns of News Consumption are Changing with Time?

Busy Lives-Short Form of News

People are living a busier life now. If we compare our lives to our grandparent’s our even our parent’s lives, we observe that our lives have become somewhat more hectic and tangled than how the previous generations lived. Busier lives mean less time to catch up on things and we now look for “ready to” deals: ready to cook, ready to wear etc. In such a lifestyle, we look for news highlights that are easily readable and give us just enough information to carry out a discussion that is sufficient for us to prove that we are aware of something.

From print to social Media News Patterns

The news industry has considerably changed over time because the social media has replaced the print media. Although newspapers are still seen something of a tradition, many households have even stopped buying newspapers because whatever the newspaper presents can be accessed through social media as many newspapers have even launched their own websites. In this techno-friendly world, we like things that are a click away.

Who to Trust-Authenticity of News in 2018

Within a busy world which is run mostly on digital technology and so many open arenas that provide information, the question of authenticity has become a pressing issue. Form among different news and views who do we accept as presenting as the “truthful” (if I could use the term which is already in question nowadays) and how do we pick and choose who to believe. And because there are a variety of different perspectives to cater, we will always find news that would suit our best opinion.

In a nutshell, Patterns of News Consumption are changing a lot due to the emergence of modern technology and social media platforms.

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