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How Cancer Cells Develop in Human Body

Cancers are the result of a change in DNA that changes critical genes and completely changes the behavior of cells.

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How Cancer Cells develop in Human Body. One out of every two men and one out of every three women will be diagnosed with cancer. But despite this huge numbers, most of the people still do not know what it actually means. At the very simplest level cancer or cancer cells are those cells that have lost the ability of normal control that the body has on all cells. In our body we have millions of millions of cells under the tremendous control; it’s a very complex process. If for some reason this control is lost then some particular cells escape from their normal behavior and they continue to grow on their own and this group of cells is known as cancer. Combination of these cells is called the tumor. How Cancer Cells develop in Human Body.

The human body is very complex and complicated living machine, like every machine our body is composed of small organs that work together to perform various tasks in daily routine like breathing, eating and digestion. All these organs are composed of cells.

How Cancer Cells develop in Human Body

The question arises in everyone’s mind that how cancer cells are initiated in the human body. Cancer is the result of a long process that starts when a tissue/cell in an organ become damage or change that cause to break free from other cells  A group of defective cells in an organ has the same result as of a defective organ in a body or a defective part in any other machine.

A normal cell divides when it receives a chemical signal to do so.  These chemical signals are developed in the nucleus and the cells divide via a process called mitosis. Cancer cells do not follow this rule and they divide even if they do not receive any kind of division signals. In addition to division cells, normal cells are also called to stop the division to prevent too many cells to produce. In fact, cell division is highly organized process while in cancer cells they start division without any order and continue their division which results in the cells to pile up on each other and a tumor is formed.

Cancers are the result of a change in DNA that changes critical genes and completely changes the behavior of cells.

The important point about cells is that each performs a different job but they all have the same general structure. They have the nucleus as their brain containing all the information in its chromosome. The individual unit of this information is called gene composed of DNA. All of our body cells contain the same set of information but how they use this information makes them different. In Cancer gene fails to perform their job. In short, all cancers are the result of a change in DNA that changes critical genes and completely changes the behavior of cells.

An alteration in a gene is called mutation. Mutation occurs due to numerous ways such as some chemical inhaled or swallowed, radiations from the sun etc. Sometimes mutation happens without any external cause and it just happens. Certain gene has a job of reproduction and they are known as proto onco-genes. Alteration in normal genes results in the formation of onco-genes. This causes the cells to divide without any proper signals. The genes that stop the cellular division are also present in a human body and are called tumor suppressors.  There are two copies of suppressor genes one inherited from each parent. If one gene is altered the other gene takes his place and starts performing its job to stop the cell division. But if both of tumor suppressor genes are damaged then the cell division would not stop.

This results in the normal cells to divide into their own and damages the tumor suppressor. Hence the tumor suppressors cannot stop their cell division and that’s how cancer grows in the human body.

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