Grounded, Housebound or Quarantine – Binge Watch

Here is the best list of binge watch recommendations for you

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Are you spending your Quarantine days being a couch potato – scrolling up & down on your mobile devices? If you are increasing your screen time by just looking at your phone, surfing, cursing everything that goes around you and going crazy, this is what you should do: Binge.

Nay! We are not talking about binge eating. You don’t want to spend all that saved fortune on a gym fee rather use it for a much wanted holiday once all this is over. Instead, we are talking about ‘Binge watching’ i.e. teleporting yourself into the world of Vampires, Cannibals, world famous heists, civil suits, and other innumerable genres of shows, soaps & movies that will keep you entertained and glued to your screen for good.

Grounded, Housebound or Quarantine – Binge Watch

Now is a good time to use that Netflix subscription too (ask a friend maybe) as it always has something for everybody. Scroll down as we will be telling you the ‘must watch’ shows of this season:

  1. Money Heist (2017 – Present)

It’s an illustrious Spanish TV series that took the whole world by surprise. Full of suspense, thrill and heart retching action. Don’t forget to strap on as this is going to be a roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless by the end. Choosing between sleeping and watching might become challenging.

  1. The Haunting of the Hill House (2018)

A suspense thriller masterpiece by Shirley Jackson that has drama, horror and, of course, ghost scenes that will give you chills. The story revolves around a family entrapped in ghostly whereabouts endeavoring endlessly to cope with the situation. Beware! Don’t watch it when you’re alone (are you ever?).

  1. Hannibal (2013-2015)

You will not only fall in love with the series but its characters as well. It’s a striking and immaculate series about some handsome psychopaths sufficing to keep you couch bound. If you are into crime, thriller and drama then this is where you will get it all.

  1. The Good Place (2016 – 2020)

Very light but excellent humor though altogether unique as compared to other comic series. This will put you in a lighter mood after you are done with the above mentioned suspense series.

  1. The End of the Fuc***in World (2017-2019)

I avoided this one for a long time. Then one day I decided to see what’s all the fuss about. Once pressing the play button, there was no stopping me. Oddly entertaining and shockingly funny, the dark humor keeps one captive.

Best Pakistani Patriotic Drama Recommendation

Let’s move on to a more patriotic approach. Are you with me?

Scroll down and explore the outstanding work that is being made in your very own Pakistan:

  1. Durr-e-Shehwar (2012)

Available on YouTube easily, this phenomena is penned by our very favorite Umera Ahmed and carries a tremendous cast. The story revolves around two generations in two different time spans whereas the beauty of this show is that it never gets old. You won’t even know and you will be done with it.

  1. Alif (2019)

An underdog that got lost somewhere by Meray Pass Tum Ho. The script is amazing for this stunning depiction of the coexistence of modernization and Islam. It actually tricks you into thinking deeper and, at a certain point, it begins to reflect on your life and the things that surround you. The soothing OST would be a cherry on the cake.

  1. Daam (2010)

Even if you have watched it already, this is something you should see time and again. It’s nevertheless an eye opener that depicts nothings but harsh realities of both our lives and the society. The OST on this one would add to it too.

  1. Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi (2013)

This one is a complete package enveloping thrill, suspense and romance garnished with some outstanding acting. With Nouman Ijaz in the lead, it is not worth missing.

  1. Mohabbat Subh Ka Sittara (2013)

This drama will leave you speechless. It depicts the sad true reality of our society but guaranteed that it will make you laugh as much as it will make you cry. This drama was also aired in India because of the hype. An excellent story-line amalgamated with lifelike acting.

This mix covers almost all the emotions and origins that’s needed to get through this quarantine era. Stay at home stay entertained.

Until than Bella Ciao!

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