Enjoy Mouthwatering Gol Gappy in Islamabad from these Outlets

List of best "Gol Gappy" spots in the Capital

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Be it winters or summers; we will love tasty and mouthwatering gol gappy. But not all restaurants serve the best taste and we have only limited options in Islamabad for gol gappy. That’s why we decided to come up with list of best Gol Gappy in Islamabad with our foodies. All these places are self-tried, hence we will highly recommend to visit these gol gappy spot in Islamabad and enjoy.

Enjoy Mouthwatering Gol Gappy in Islamabad from these Outlets

  1. Chaat Shaat

Chaat Shaat is located in Block 13Y, Jinnah Super Markaz، F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad and is recently opened. This place is serving a huge range of desi food items. The most popular food items of Chaat Shaat are “Channa Chat” and “Gol Gappy.”

We really enjoyed their delicious gol gappy during our last month visit to Chaat Shaat. Additionally, this place is also very affordable then you can enjoy good food while giving less damage to your pocket.

2. Hyderabadi Chatkhara

Hyderabadi Chatkhara is located in F-10 Markar, Islamabad. This is old spot serving some very good items in the capital. Hyderabadi Chatkhara has successfully maintained its food quality. Their gol gappy are really mouth-watering and affordable too.

3. Chacha Jees

While mentioning desi food spots, how can we miss “Chacha Jees.” Located at Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, Chacha Jees is also serving some amazing and tasty gol gappy in the town. Their prices are also affordable.

It is hard to find good best Lahori food items like “gol gappy” in Islamabad. But we hope that the above mentioned places will help our foodies to get tasty golgappy in Islamabad.

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