Gilgit Baltistan – The Land of Majestic Beauty

The Beauty of Gilgit Baltistan is not less than Heaven on Earth

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Gilgit Baltistan Beauty: There is no doubt in the fact that Allah has blessed us with beautiful Pakistan of which Gilgit Baltistan is the only one beautiful region. Gilgit Baltistan which has been formerly known as the Northern Areas of Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan.

Districts of Gilgit Baltistan:

This beautiful Gilgit Baltistan includes districts of Hunza, Sakrdu, Ghizer, Daimer to name only a few. Over the few years the roads of Gilgit Baltistan have developed and opened gateway for tourism for people across country becoming one of the most visited and loved region during the summers. While visiting these districts,don’t forget to take Gilgit Baltistan pictures.

Mountains that soar high in the sky, tress that bear fruit such as cherries, apples, figs and nuts such almonds and walnuts that one may have never seen in their lives grow in their natural habitat, lakes that hold water in the most beautiful shades of blue provide an eye catching scenery. The diverse cultures and simple living style that one comes across in this region gives a much needed break and escape from the mundane and chaotic lives most of us live in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan.

Gilgit Baltistan The Land of Majestic Beauty

Gilgit Baltistan Roads:

The ones who have had the opportunity to travel by car to different districts of this region would well be aware that the roads have become “vehicle friendly”. Most types of vehicles can make their way on the smooth roads that run along the view of snow peaked mountains or cut right through mountainous terrains.

Traveling by Car to Gilgit Baltistan:

From normal 1200cc cars to small coasters and buses are a great medium to travel by to these areas. The size of these vehicles makes it easier for the drivers to handle the steering on roads that have sharp cuts and are bumpy along some distances. The drive is usually long lasting hours at end making the trip last a few days as one slowly covers the distance.

Gilgit Baltistan Beauty
Karakoram Highway
Source: Google

Hotels to Stay in Gilgit Baltistan:

The best news in such a state is that many small resorts and hotels have opened up that provide good to best services depending upon one’s budget. Even though big names such as Serena have opened their chain line in different district eg Gilgit Serena, Serena Shigar Fort, Serena Khaplu Palace, there are other affordable motels as well that provide good service. PTDC motels is one such name or the Raikot Sarai in Fairy Meadows is a good place to stay. Though the food in these places is without a doubt good to enjoy but when one leaves the urban cities to travel this far, it the local food that one should try. The food sold in small “dhabas” or local restaurants is excellent in taste and amazes you with the fact that food made with such simplicity can taste that good!

Gilgit Baltistan Beauty
Fairy Meadows
Source google

Places to Visit in Gilgit Baltistan:

There are many places to visit in these different districts. Although the natural topography and beauty of Gilgit Baltistan in itself is enough for one to spend the days roaming around and taking in the magnificence the region provides. Yet, because of its multicultural history, there are many historical sites as well that are open for public admiration. A few of these include the Altit and Baltit Fort in Hunza. Deosai National Park and Atabad Lake are a nature’s way of reminding us that Pakistan has been blessed with the best.

The Khunjrab Pass and Babusar Top are another sight to see and explore. Of all the natural beauty, something that is also worth the view is the man made Karakoram Highway that unravels magic and splendor of beautiful Pakistan as we move along.

Gilgit Baltistan Beauty
Baltit Fort
Source : Google

Words do injustice to the beauty and wonders Gilgit Baltistan holds. In order to experience the Gilgit Baltistan Beauty, one must take the trip to this side of beautiful Pakistan.

Gilgit Baltistan Beauty
Atabad Lake
Source : Google

List of Transport Agencies for Gilgit Baltistan Trip

There are various agencies and bus services one can avail while traveling to beautiful Gilgit Baltistan. Here is the list of some popular tour agencies and bus services:

  • NATCO (Northern Areas Transport Corporation)
  • Himalaya Tours
  • K2 Tours
  • Geo Travel
  • Mahabrum Tours

Gilgit Baltistan Beauty is truly more than a magic; if you haven’t visited it up till now then do plan to visit it soon.

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