4 Predictions for the Future of Work for 2020-2030

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4 Predictions for the Future of Work for 2020-2030.It is no surprise if most of us believe that by the year 2020 and on wards, most of the human work will be replaced by computers and robots. With the speed in which we are advancing on digital technology the analyses in The Future of Jobs, a report generated by World Economic Forum in 2016 comes as no big news when it estimates that by the year 2020 and forward, 5 million jobs would be lost to the world of automation. So what does the future look like in a jib’s perspective? PwC, PowerwaterhouseCoopers, has come up and explored four possible futures or “worlds” driven by “mega trends” that one can look forward to.

Future of Work would be The Red World- Innovation Rules

One possible techno-future world that seems to be arising in the horizon is where Digital platforms will provide the perfect medium for innovation to grow. In this type of world, ideas that would otherwise seem distant and crazy to the ordinary person’s mind will become the winning ideas and profit makers will flourish during this period. Projects will become fast paced to keep up with the ever changing and growing innovative processes and specialists or profit makers would stay in a business for as long as it lasts. In a world taken over by innovation less human resource is expected in work environments as automation would provide the human services needed. As companies would strive on the digi-techno world opening many possibilities and opportunities to regulate what they would like, labor or working benefits would be likely to decrease. Health insurance, pensions and long-term employment benefits are likely to drop down in the world of robotics.

The Forecasted Future of Work from 2020-2030
Chromatic Futures

4 Predictions for the Future of Work for 2020-2030

The Blue World- Corporate is the King

In a world benefiting on innovate ideas that are ever changing and growing, corporations would be in for some big money making. This trend in profit making and businesses may create some corporations to grow bigger and more powerful than national economies and may become the second possible future according to PwC research. PwC predicts: “Human effort [will be] maximized through … physical and medical enhancement techniques and technology and, along with automation, analytics and innovation, push performance in the workplace to its limits.” Capitalism is predicted to reign and individual preferences would be of more importance than social responsibility.

The Green World- Companies care

Moving from two individualized preferences and market based futures, the third possible future seems to bring a little relief to socialists. In this future, brands are expected to come up with solutions that benefit the society as a whole. The green world is a world where corporate and social responsibility and sustainability reign supreme. This is where we care about the environment and making a difference in our communities — we really care about the world, which outdoes the decisions that organizations make. “This is a world where corporate responsibility isn’t just a nice-to-have, but it’s a business imperative,” PwC says.

The Yellow world- Humans come First

In this world, “small is beautiful.” It recognizes the continuing trend where work is broken down and distributed into specialized parts. In this scenario freelancers and entrepreneurs dominate the employment landscape, and companies break up into smaller entities in order to stay relevant with the fast changing world we live and work in. work is often a fluid concept and the standard 9-to-5 working week is rare, while the divisions between home and work blur.

Which one of these possible worlds and futures year 2020 and onwards will bring is hard to say, but whichever future our world shapes into I hope it brings the best for both humans and society.

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