Food and Travel Guide-Best Places to Eat in Azad Kashmir & Hunza

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Food and Travel Guide-Best Places to Eat in Azad Kashmir & Hunza. The north of Pakistan has various amazing food places to dine in along with its natural beauty. But the most recommended thing is to taste the traditional and cultural food items associated to those areas. So let us suggest you few food places that will add value to your trip to the North:

In Azad Kashmir, try fish from Tabaq restaurant; located in the main bazar of Kashmir. If you are visiting the Neelam Valley side of Kashmir then for stay and food ‘Sharda Resort’ is the highly recommended place. The resort is located at a very beautiful place and they also have amazing desi food. At night you can enjoy bar-b-q as well.

Whereas, in Gilgit-Baltistan, a must try place is a small restaurant in Hunza “Hidden Paradise Hunza”. They will serve you finger-licking qormas, handis and kababs with straight-out-of-the-tandoor hot naans and at a very mesmerizing view too.

Other than that as said earlier, always ask the local people about the specialty of the area you are exploring so that you don’t miss any cultural food of that area.

Food and Travel Guide-Best Places to Eat in Azad Kashmir & Hunza

List of Things You Must Carry while Travelling to Northern Areas of Pakistan

Travelling to the northern areas of Pakistan during summers can be the most refreshing and amazing experience. As these areas are remote and mostly less developed so you need to make sure that you carry all the important things which you may need during your trip.

So here is the List of Things You Must Carry while Travelling to Northern Areas of Pakistan:

Warm Shawl or Lightweight Jacket:

Even if you are traveling in summers, there are some areas that are still cold like Deosai in Gilgit-Baltistan. So for safe side, must carry a lightweight jacket or warm shawl.

Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is also a mandatory thing. As the travel to north is too long hence a travel pillow helps a lot if you are going in van. It reduces the neck pain and you can easily sleep while using it.

Chargers & Gadgets

As there is electricity issue in most of the northern areas so a charged power bank, fast charger and other essential cables can save the life of your mobiles and DSRLs.

Snacks & Chocolates

You will not find good food places all the time in north of Pakistan hence, chocolates and snacks can be helpful for survival. Such items are also of good use during hike or trekking.

Hiking/Tracking Boots

Boots are must have. Don’t even think of going to north without comfortable shoes.

Sunblock, Hat & Glasses

As mountains are on heights where sun rays directly affects our skin so sunblock etc. can help us in avoiding it.


Before starting off your journey ensure that you carry some important tablets like pain killers and nausea tablets with you.

Other important yet helpful things to carry during travel include:

  • Mints, Wet Wipes, Tissue paper & Sanitizer
  • Sleeping Mask and Ear Plugs
  • Water bottle
  • Warm scarf and Gloves
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Book
  • Travel size towel
  • Extra shoes for walk etc
  • Be cash smart

Best of luck for your future trip to the beautiful north of Pakistan but before leaving must ensure you carry all the important stuff along with you !!!


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