Five Reasons to Watch Parwaz Hay Junoon This Eid-ul-Fitre

Parwaz Hay Junoon is going to be released on this Eid-Ul-Fitre

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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Parwaz Hay Junoon’ This Eid-ul-Fitre. We are witnessing the revival of Pakistani cinema as it has evolved a lot since the last seven years. It seems that the days of gujjars and gandassas are gone now and they are replaced by good movies based on war, patriotism, romance, comedies and biopics. In a society where going to cinema was once considered as a bad thing and where whole generation grew without knowing or seeing the inside of cinema, a new cinema going culture has arrived. People now not only accept but respect, wait and desire to watch movies in the cinemas which are well-equipped with modern seats and technology, unlike the old filthy cinemas. Every year, we are witnessing the release of 10 to 11 local films among which, at least, four are blockbusters.

Five Reasons to Watch Parwaz Hay Junoon This Eid-ul-Fitre

The movie which deserve a special treatment, as it has left its audience waiting and marking the release date on calendars, is this start-studded project by Hum films and Momina and Duraid Productions, called as ‘Parwaz Hay Junoon’.  It is going to be released on this eid-ul-fitre but has already created a buzz in the industry. Here are five reasons to anticipate and watch this movie in cinemas with your friends and family.

Parwaz Hay Junoon
Parwaz Hay Junoon

A Tribute to Pakistan Air Force

If you don’t know then let me tell you that ‘Parwaz Hay Junoon’ is a tribute to Pakistan air force and is based on the real-life stories of officers belonging to PAF. This movie is made with the collaboration of PAF and consists some real-life pilots along with the lead cast.  Now what we know is that it is surely going to depict the difficulties and hardships faced by our brave men, while safeguarding our country’s airspace, in such a way that will force us to feel patriotic and will leave us with a desire of joining PAF.

Parwaz Hay Junoon
Tribute to Pakistan Air Force

The Lead Cast of The Movie

This movie has some of the most loved, famous and well-known actors as the lead characters such as Hamza Ali Abbasi who is a host, a patriot, an actor and a politically and socially vocal person. We loved his acting in ‘Ye Jawani Phir Nai Ani’ and dramas such as ‘Pyaare Afaz’ and ‘Man Mayal’. It also has Ahad Raza Mir, the actor who is commonly known as Doctor Asfandyar for his role in ‘Yakeen ka Safar’.

Most importantly, it has Hania Amir, the latest crush of all the young boys out there, as the lead actress. Hania started her acting career by making dubsmash on social media and ended up bagging main roles in various tv dramas. This movie will be her second movie after ‘Janaan’.This movie also has Kubra Khan, Shaz Khan, Shamoon Ali Abbasi, Seemi Raheel and Mrina Khan.

Parwaz Hay Junoon
Parwaz Hay Junoon Lead Cast

Written by Farhat Ishtiaq

Who is not aware of this name? Farhat Ishtiaq is quite famous for writing compelling stories and is well known for breaking stereotypes. She has written scripts for various blockbuster dramas such as ‘Humsafar’, ‘Udaari’, ‘yakeen ka safar’ and ‘Dayar-e-Dil’. She has also written the script for the movie ‘Bin Roye’. Now, if she is the writer of ‘Parwaz Hay Junnon’ then it will surely impress the audience with its content and story.

Parwaz Hay Junoon
Farhat Ishtiaq

Directed by Haseeb Hassan

Haseeb Hassan is an extremely talented drama director who has won many awards for his dramas such as ‘Man Mayal’ and ‘Dayar-e-Dil’. Parwaz Hay Junoon is going to be his debut movie and will surely be a marvel.

Parwaz Hay Junoon
Haseeb Hassan

Shot in Beautiful Locations

The movie is shot in beautiful places including the northern areas of Pakistan such as Gilgit, Skardu and Karakoram highway. It will bring forth some of the stunning and breath-taking places in Pakistan which will be a visual treat to our eyes.

Parwaz Hay Junoon
Parwaz Hay Junoon crew

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