Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018

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“To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven”. This famous Chinese proverb seems to be so true. Isn’t it? Imagine that you are sitting in your couch surrounded by a variety of food items and you are, for once ignoring the diet and the tension of weight gain, allowed to eat as much as u want and as much as you can. Isn’t it lovely? Yes, it is for us Pakistani people and when it comes to Chinese food, we forget about everything else. We love to eat Chinese food whether it is Chinese rice, chowmein, dumpling, soup, noodles or any other Chinese dish. Besides, the first thing that comes to mind, when people think of having lavish lunch or dinner with their loved ones, is the Chinese food because it is not only different from the daily home routine but also delicious, tasty and budget friendly. But the real problem is where to find quality food and which restaurants to go when you want to bless yourselves or your guests with Chinese food. No worries as I am going to list down the Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018. So, let’s get started.

1. Mei Kong, Saddar

Mei Kong is, so far, the best Chinese restaurant you will ever visit in the twin cities. What makes it number one in my list is its extremely relaxing and clean environment, the taste one never forgets and the quick customer service. Here, the prices of the food items are bit high but believe me their taste is worth each rupee. Besides, their high tea is also one of the best high tea in the town.

Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018

2. China Town, F.8 sector

Who does not know about this place? China town is a well-known place as people usually prefer and prioritize this restaurant when it comes to tasty Chinese food. They offer taste that is inexpensive and budget friendly. You can enjoy their delicious dishes by sitting in their serene sitting area. Almost all their dishes are tasty but their finger chicken, Thai green curry and wasabi shrimps are worth a try.

Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018

Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018

3. Dragon City, Blue Area

Don’t be scared as it’s not really the city of dragons, as the name suggests, but a place to have delicious Chinese food with a friendly atmosphere and very cooperative management. They have a detailed menu including appetizers, soups, sea food, chicken, mutton, beef, vegetables, foo yongs, chowmein, chopsuey, rice, dessets, hot and cold beverages, fresh juices and shakes and some dragon special. They also have a very economic deal, called as ‘lunchbox’, in which you get wither rice or chowmein with beef chicken or fish in just Rs. 499.

Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018

4. Xinhua Capital Restaurant

Located in the F.6 sector of Islamabad, this restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad. They serve food that is hygienic and inexpensive. Their serving size is also very good as compared to the other Chinese restaurants. They have a very petite menu including starters, soup, poultry, sea food, beef, noodles, rice, continental, burgers, pasta, hot and cold beverages. Their chicken and fish deals are highly recommended.

Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018

5. Kim Mun, Centaurus Mall

In our Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018 list, Kim Mun is on No. 5. If you are shopping Centaurus mall and suddenly craves for delicious Chinese food then this restaurant should be your must-go-to place. They have a comfortable sitting environment and a taste that will surely satisfy your cravings. Besides separate traditional Chinese dishes, they also offer deals that are budget friendly.

Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad 2018

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