Facebook Job Search Tool Expands to Over 40 Countries

Facebook Job Search Tool will Help Both Individuals & Companies

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Facebook Job Search Tool Expands to Over 40 Countries. Facebook plans to employ more people — not only for itself but for businesses operating all across the globe.

Last Wednesday, the social media giant extended its job search functionality to more than 40 countries worldwide. This job search tool was first released in U.S and Canada, a year ago. It resembles LinkedIn however, it can be used through Facebook. Users now have the facility of looking up and applying for new jobs of their interest on the web and also the mobile app.

Those businesses having their Facebook pages, can now post jobs, go through applications and schedule interviews with the right candidates.

Facebook Job Search Tool Expands to Over 40 Countries

Through this update, Facebook has reinforced something which the authorities saw happening on the site. This has resulted in making the process easier for both parties i.e. job creator and the seeker.

This phenomenon will boost Facebook’s core message of being a community and will also benefit the social site taking credit for helping people in finding and creating jobs.

Alex Himel, VP of Local at Facebook said:

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]“We saw a lot of organic activity of businesses trying to hire”.[/box]

Citing a Morning Consult post of 5,000 adults which was commissioned by Facebook, Himel told that everyone in four people in the U.S had already searched for or got a job on Facebook.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]”We looked at our internal data to make sure that’s true. Some of that is existing organic activity is in posts and in paid ads.”[/box]

Himel added.

The company refused to make public the internal statistics.

This tool benefits the job seekers as well as the creators in a way that they don’t have to pay for this tool. Any kind of job postings can be seen on News Feed, Facebook’s Marketplace and in Facebook pages. Businesses can also boost their ads and target specific applicants by paying Facebook, but this is not mandatory and posting ads on Facebook is free.

Facebook Job Search Tool will Help Both Individuals & Companies

Visit this link to know how Facebook Job Search Tool works: Mashable 

Facebook users can access the jobs of their choice without the fear of any information being tracked down by the job creator except for the information that is public. “Once you find [a job] that looks good, it’s a couple simple steps to apply. The person is in completely [sic] control over the information that gets submitted to the business,” Himel said.

Adding more Himel said that from Wednesday, businesses from 40 countries will be using the tool for the creation of new jobs. Also, the company has chosen those regions which were in search of job candidates through Facebook pages.

Replying to a question about whether the Facebook posts will be ranked better on News Feed as compared to the links from LinkedIn, Himel said that the links from third party site similar to Facebook will not surface on the Job portals. We at Facebook are facilitating people in getting a job of their choice. Currently, the jobs available in the Job Browser are those that a Page is posting.

Apart from this tool, in 2018, Facebook plans to invest in local businesses. Himel also iterated the fact that Facebook has already financed more than $1 billion since 2011 to assist small and local businesses. This year the company is planning to invest the same amount for empowering businesses in technology and for arranging programs for business leaders to attend.

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