Facebook and Microsoft Complete its Biggest Undersea Cable

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Facebook and Microsoft Complete its Biggest Undersea Cable. Technology has now crossed borders and reached to the majority of individuals in the world. The tech giants are further struggling hard to make technology available to every individual. In this regard, Facebook and Microsoft have collaborated back in August, 2016 to construct one of the world’s biggest undersea cable. Now the cable is successfully built and will be operational soon.

Facebook and Microsoft Complete its Biggest Undersea Cable

The length of this cable is around 17, 000 ft and will be called as the most tech advanced undersea cable in the world. Not only this, the undersea cable will provide up-to 160 terabits of data/second speed; higher than the Google sea cable which is called “Faster”. A Spanish Telecom company “Telxius” has helped Facebook and Microsoft to make this dream come true.

Source: Mashable 

Microsoft officially announced the completion of construction of the cable on Thursday. The cable won’t be operational till early-2018.

Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius will together own this cable which weights around 10.25 pounds. Telxius will be the official operator of cable and will be responsible to lease and sell cable’s capacity to the outside service providers.

2018 will be the year of much more advance technology across the world and people will be using faster internet and other tech innovations.

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