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Entrance Exam Requirements Guide for Engineering Diploma, ACCA, Medical

Here is your complete entrance guide for various fields

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If you have just finished your intermediate studies (10+2), we can understand how confused you would be right now to choose a career path. Yes, Career path, as what you choose now when will lead you to your further studies or profession you choose.

We tried to help with your confusion and opt for the most appropriate degree program at this level. We have researched on the entrance exam requirements for various courses, which define your career path.

Engineering Diploma

Diploma in engineering is an ideal option for students after passing 12th grade. Diploma in engineering is a 2 years duration course focused on learning engineering, digital skills and IT. Entrance examination is a mandatory test in order to get admission in this diploma.

Students are advised to prepare well for this test, as you will be required to score well to get a place in the limited number of seats available every year.


World recognized degree and one of the most in demand qualifications, which has recently, became further popular. Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is a UK based qualification and every country has its certified schools equipped with teaching facilities. Exams are conducted in major cities of every country at multiple exam centers in collaboration with British Council.

These exams are scheduled four times a year for all subjects. The course is divided in three modules including Fundamental level/module, Professional level/module and Advanced level/module. There are a total 13 subjects and students are granted exemptions if they have already passed relevant courses from the recognized institutions.

There is no entry test requirement for ACCA and students can start their qualification by online subscription and paying registration fee.

Bachelors of Business Administration – BBA

Bachelor of business administration (BBA) has become a most demanding qualification for students after finishing their intermediate/ A-level studies. It is a four-year degree program with a wide number of courses including economics, management, human resource, marketing, and finance.

This is the reason; students who qualify BBA and MBA are called “Jack of All” as this qualification gives them a bird eye view of all specialties related to business. Master of business administration (MBA) is pursued after bachelor degree in any discipline. Students from any discipline can opt to study BBA or MBA, after qualifying university entry tests.

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Entry test is mostly GMAT format, conducted by university internally and after passing it, students are ranked based on the score they have achieved in this test. Admission is granted on merit to adjust students in the available number of seats.


After intermediate/ A-levels, students are eligible to apply for engineering studies. Previously there were specialized engineering universities where students could study but now, many private universities offer engineering qualification and that too with a wide variety of further specializations in it.

Only requirement for these universities is that they should get their degree recognized from the higher education commission. Once the higher education commission approves an institute engineering department faculty and curriculum, it is certified to offer engineering studies.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that before getting admission in any university students should check the relevant university engineering degree status on the official website of higher education commission. Students are eligible to apply for engineering after scoring minimum 60% marks in intermediate studies, with mandatory courses mathematics, chemistry and physics.

They are required to sit the university entry test (GMAT format) and pass it. Merit lists are announced on points scored in both of these requirements.


Medical field is the dream of many students as well their parents, although to complete this qualification itself is a challenge. Students are eligible to apply for medical studies after completing intermediate studies with minimum 60% marks and mandatory science subjects i.e. biology, chemistry and physics.

Then they will be required to sit the university entry test exam (GMAT format) and pass it. Admission is granted on merit basis, which is prepared by combination of your previous qualification score and entry exam points.

  1. Pharmacy

Students are required to pass intermediate studies with minimum 50% marks with major courses of biology, chemistry and physics. 70% weightage is given to your qualification and 30% weightage given to the entry test exam/ interview. Entry test is MCAT conducted by every institute internally.

Information Technology – IT

Information technology is the key requirement for todays’ world in every industry. And the demand of IT professionals is continuously increasing with passage of time and this is the reason IT professionals are eligible to join any department, company or industry. There are numerous qualifications in Information technology and every qualification has different courses.

We recommend you to browse the details of every IT qualification in different universities, and then choose any degree program based on your interest or previous qualification. Entrance test is usually conducted by every university internally and the merit list is prepared based on the score achieved in this test.

 Mass Communication / Mass Media

Mass communication covers a wide area, which is not limited to Journalism only. Rather it covers features of communication between two people, groups and organizations. It is specially designed for students to have a bright career in television, newspaper, magazine, radio or for any kind of media including electronic as well as print media.

There are many universities, which offer bachelors’ and Masters’ Degree in Mass communication and each requires an entry test, which is mostly GMAT. A passing percentage in the entrance test along with good grades in previous qualifications is mandatory.

Keep in mind whatever course you choose, your dedication and hard work will always pay off in your career. Be clear while choosing any degree as well as university, prepare for the entrance test and apply well before time.

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