Election 2018: PTI Scrutinized for its Performance in KPK

This year elections, amidst the debates of a maturing democracy

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Election 2018: PTI Scrutinized for its Performance in KPK. In 2013, when the international and national analysts were merely in awe of a first ever peaceful political transition in Pakistan, this year, however, their focus has turned into more politically inclined issues – boasting of a time beyond military coop looming in the shadows. Thus, the election-debates in 2018 are, by far, focusing on politically inclined subjects such as ruling party corruption, incompetence of the opposition and the likes, and agents that has nothing to do with anything other than the political.

Elections 2018: Amidst the debates of a maturing democracy

As opposed to the previous concerns of the nascent democracy where the fear of a military coop lurking in the shadows was always something that dominated the rhetoric dominating the election activities.

In this maturing democratic environment of the country’s political arena one such dominant debate this election is the pegging of the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML) against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Overarching debate of  Elections 2018

This election, thus, pits the ruling PML-N against PTI – with the latter vowing and consolidating their commitment to combating the country’s corruption and to get the country rid of its corrupt rulers. In one of his campaign related activity chairman of PTI Mr. Imran Khan, also the former cricket star, stated, “The Pakistani nation … can see the dawn of a new Pakistan, which will not be ruled by the corrupt,” reinforcing along the way that his party is unstoppable this elections and that they will be the death of the country’s ruling “Mafia”.

On the other hand, the ruling party PML-N is boasting of their investments in the country’s infrastructure and being the party that brought billions of dollars through Chinese investments.

Election 2018: PTI Scrutinized for its Performance in KPK

As the overarching tussle for this election is continues to the be focused on these two parties, eventually, diverging the world and national attention on PTI’s performance in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) as the province where the party had gotten into power in the last election.

Elections 2018
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PTI’s Performance in KPK

According to KPK Information Minister, Shah Farman, PTI had set different than the usual political parties’ goals to achieve in the last election. Further, claiming that they have achieved successfully most of those goals and that they will meet more of them before the coming elections. He further elaborated that they had three main goals that included: “Achieving Peace, Reducing Corruption, and providing “jobs on merit””.

Moreover, pointing out that they have improved security system of the province he said, “FIR’s can be registered through phone calls or even sms.” Regarding their jobs on merit provision, he asserted that they have “done away with oral interviews, because oral interviews open space for influence peddling”, along with ensuring to rely solely on academic performance and NTS scores.

The minister reinstated that they have, during their term, created 40,000 jobs for teachers and inducing 3000 new doctors with a three times increase in their salaries. Regarding combating corruption, he accepted that they have not been able to totally eradicate it from the workings of conducting business, however, they have taken some very positive step towards making a difference in that particular regard, for instance completely revamping the patwari system making it less susceptible to corruption.

According to an article in the Economist things have changed for the better in KPK during the tenure of PTI. “Ahead of an election due to be held in 2018, Pakistanis wonder how far the PTI has fulfilled its promise to do two unusual things: run a clean government, and transform hospitals and schools”.

The article further reinstate that positive steps in the workings of the province are very clearly been taken on corruption, which is evidently reflected in the fact that ministers “no longer drive about arrogantly in motorcades a dozen vehicles long” with their equally less association with scandals or with cronyism and nepotism. Above all, the article seconds that fact that “in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa money is at last ending up where it is meant to”.

According to an article in the Economist things have changed for the better in KPK during the tenure of PTI

The international world, thus, reinstates affirmatively what the KPK Information Minister has stated about the fulfillment of the promises they had made in the campaign of 2013 elections. According to the Economist PTI has for sure made public services more appealing: such as inducing 40, 000 more teachers into the education system, rebuilding education institutions destroyed by the Taliban, facilitating them with electricity and toilets.

Furthermore, also with vast improvements in the health system by appointing more staff with increased salaries – along with introducing  a comprehensive health insurance card for families that can not afford to pay for expensive medical procedures.

Billion Tree Tsunami

This green project of Billion Tree Tsunami was launched by the KPK government realizing the importance of environment protection and as an effort to combat global warming as part of an international challenge by Bonn Challenge that is a body of International Union Conservation Nature. The Bonn Challenge calls for a global deforestation restoration of 150 million hectares by 2020 and a total of 350 million by 2030 worldwide.

KPK government ran a vigorous campaign in 25 districts of the province under their rule covering areas from Chitral to the Hindu Kush ranges. As a result of the campaign the provincial government claims to have achieved its target of restoration.

This massive restoration effort in collaboration with the international community will help thwart the global warming impact on Pakistan’s glaciers along with helping prevent floods.

Chances of a successive PTI win in the Elections 2018, in KPK

Regardless, of the fact that PTI has mostly achieved the goals they had set for themselves in the last election there are many other factors that can not be ignored that can otherwise affect the outcome of the upcoming election. As also predicted by the Economist that “PTI may struggle to win a second term in 2018.” According to them one of the reason could be Mr. Khan’s excessive promises, where some of his reforms needs a much longer term than five years to get entrenched and others are hardly photogenic.

These coupled with the fact that Mr. Khan himself has shifted his focus on to the national level and, thus, tends to ignore the provincial does not help to achieve a successive tenure such an easy idea.

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