Effects of Smartphone Addiction on Kids

Time to deal with the 'smartphone addiction' of you child!

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Effects of Smartphone Addiction on Kids. Few years ago on listening the word addiction the first thing that comes in mind is the addicted to drugs i.e. alcohol & hashish etc but now the psychiatrist have added a new category to addiction that is “Mobile addiction”. If you look around yourself almost every one will be found addicted of this tinny yet useful gadget. Mobile apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. are growing its audience day by day and this addiction is going across the ages and generations. One of the most affected community is the growing kids.

If your children’s use their smartphone every time they receive Facebook notifications or messages. If they distracted from their studies or homework. If they stick to their iPhone at dinner or when it’s time to go to bed. Then your child has an addiction. In fact, Digital addiction is a serious problem that’s growing in gratitude. Let’s take a look at some of the tell tale symptoms.

Effects of Smartphone Addiction

Following are the effects of mobile addiction on the behavior of kids:

Sleeping Problems

Medical science says that for good health a child must have a sleep of 08 Hours but Child busy playing games and watching video, waking up late night to check notification of social media can intercept the body’s natural melatonin production cycle resulting in sleeping problems this is called insomnia.

Depression and Anxiety

More time spending on screen also causes mental health problems. Studies shows that kids who spent more time in virtual world instead of real life tend to have a high level of communal apprehension or even depression. Cell phone addiction affects relation ships with friends and family in a bad way and also affecting mental health.

Fanatical-Compulsive Disorder

Cell phone addicted teens relentlessly feel the imperative need to see their mobile screen all the time. Turning off the phone can increase the anxiety and even get panic for them. The fanatical idea of get connected round the clock is a great problem that might lead parents to have an expert care for their kids.

Relationship Problems

While busy on mobile screen might reach a point that a teenager becomes preoccupied from his presence in real world. It unfavorably affects all circles of their live- school, family and other responsibilities. Drowning in virtual world a child might segregate from friends and family.

These were some of problems that are associated with technology use but it is also a fact in this modern world you cannot isolate your generation from virtual world completely but there must be certain limits that parents have to establish for safeguarding their kids:

  • No smartphones on the dining table.
  • Turn off smartphones before sleeping.
  • Hand over the phone during tests or exam weeks.
  • No finished home works, no smartphones.

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