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Effective Repetitive Stress Injury Treatment in Pakistan

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Repetitive stress injury is also termed as Repetitive strain injury, which occurs due to the gradual injuries to the tendons, muscles, or nerves because of the repetitive motion. These injuries are common and occur due to various activities that we perform in our everyday routine, such as typing, swiping, sports training, grasping activities like plumber, electrician, dentist, surgeon, or others.Effective Repetitive Stress Injury Treatment in Pakistan is now possible.


The common forms of repetitive stress injuries include:

  1.       Rotator cuff injury
  2.       Tennis elbow
  3.       Frozen shoulder
  4.       Carpal tunnel syndrome


The primary joints affected by repetitive stress injury include hands, wrists, elbows, forearms, shoulders, and neck. It leads to symptoms like:

  •         Mild to severe pain,
  •         Swelling,
  •         Tenderness,
  •         Numbness and tingling sensation,
  •         Stiffness of the joints,
  •         The weakness of bones,
  •         Throbbing sensation,
  •         Heat and cold sensitivity.

Symptoms are usually gradual, and they become intense and constant with each passing day. 


  •         Repetitive movement is the leading cause of repetitive stress injury. Such repeated actions lead to damaging effects on the muscles and tendons.
  •         The activities which increase your risk to suffer from repetitive stress injury increases stressful effect over the muscles.
  •         Other activities include choosing the same posture throughout the day.
  •         If you choose an abnormal position for an extended duration it can cause repetitive stress injury.
  •         Carrying heavy objects, being overweight, and avoiding exercise can also lead to repetitive stress injury. 
  •         Injuries, falls, or certain occupations like being a dental hygienist, bus drivers, cleaners, chefs, musicians, or construction workers are also prone to suffer from Repetitive stress injury.


Before deciding the treatment protocol for repetitive stress injury, the condition is diagnosed through personal history, your workplace environment, your physical examination is performed. The physical examination includes a range of motion tests where muscle functioning, reflexes, tenderness, inflammation, and strength of the affected muscles is checked. 

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The doctor also prescribe EMG, ultrasound, and MRI to identify any nerve damage. Physical therapy is also advised in mild conditions, but for severe conditions, the doctor might refer you to the surgeon or specialist. The standard treatment options for RSI include rest, icing, compression, or elevation. Ion conventional treatment medications are advised which pose adverse effects over the body. It is because of this reason that Bioflex came up with latest laser technology in Pakistan. 

Bioflex is a Canadian technology that makes use of low-intensity laser therapy. This laser therapy is highly effective, safe, non-invasive, and non-toxic. It is utilized by 2000+ clinics worldwide, and it has shown effective results in more than 2 million individuals. This latest technology has no adverse effects on the body and aids in reducing the pain, inflammation, and swelling of the joints. 

The use of laser therapy enhances the healing process, promotes angiogenesis, and forms new cells within the targeted tissues. So what are you waiting for? Choose Bioflex laser therapy, which is highly effective and safe to treat mild to moderate repetitive stress injuries.

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