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Effective Parkinson’s Disease Treatment in Pakistan

Know More about Parkinson’s Disease

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Effective Parkinson’s Disease Treatment in Pakistan is now available at Canadian Technology – BioFlex Pakistan. Parkinson’s Disease is defined as a progressive condition which helps in treating the progressive disorder. It is a type of nervous disorder which affects the movement of an individual.

The symptoms of the disease are gradually progressive, and they don’t appear immediately until you notice hand tremors. This disease is commonly known for causing tremors, which leads to stiffness in movements and causes slow movements in general. 

During the early stages of Parkinson’s’ disease, there are no or mold expressions over the face. The arms of an individual suffering from the disease don’t swing properly, and the speech becomes slurred or soft. The symptoms of the disease become worse over some time.

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The disease can’t be cured completely, but its progression can be slowed down with the help of Bioflex technology. 

Effective Parkinson’s Disease Treatment in Pakistan

The signs and symptoms linked with Parkinson’s disease usually appear on one side of the body. The common symptoms include: 

  1.   Tremors in fingers or hands specifically pill-rolling tremors where you start rubbing the fingers and thumb in a back-forth direction 
  2.   Slow movements or bradykinesia where you are unable to perform the simple movements in your daily routine 
  3.   Rigid or stiff muscles which make your movement painful and reduces the range of motion 
  4.   Impaired balance and posture 
  5.   Unable to perform automatic movements like smiling, blinking, swinging arms while walking  
  6.   Unable to write properly 
  7.   Thinking difficulties 
  8.   Emotional changes 
  9.   Swallowing and chewing problems 
  10.   Sleep disturbances 
  11.   Constipation 
  12.   Bladder problems 
  13.   Blood pressure changes 
  14.   Fatigue, tiredness, pain 
  15.   Sexual dysfunction 


During Parkinson’s disease, the neurons or the brain cells start dying. 

  1. The symptoms during the condition are frequently seen due to the loss of production of dopamine by the neurons.
    As soon as there is a reduction of dopamine levels within the brain, the brain leads to improper functioning and causes the symptoms linked with Parkinson’s disease. 
  2. There are various other changes in the mind of Parkinson’s patients, such as the presence of tiny, Lewy bodies, which are specific substances present in the brain cells of such patients. These Lewy bodies contain a high amount of alpha-synuclein, which is also raising concern in such patients. 

The exact cause of the disease is, however still unknown, but there are various risk factors which lead to Parkinson’s disease such as: 

  • Genetic mutation 
  • Variation of genes 
  • Inheritance of certain genes from the parents to their children 
  • Environmental factors such as certain toxins like herbicides, pesticides, and others 
  • Increased age 
  • Men are at higher risk to suffer from Parkinson’s disease 

Effective Parkinson’s Disease Treatment in Pakistan:

Parkinson’s disease treatment in Islamabad/ Lahore/ Peshawar/ Karachi is now available by Bioflex. It is a Canadian technology that is a low-intensity laser therapy. 


It works with the help of superluminous diodes. The cold laser technology is applied over the affected tissues, where it helps in healing the brain tissues, which are unable to heal properly and do not receive enough oxygen. This therapeutic technology helps in stabilizing the defected neurons within the brain.  

The light illumination technology helps in treating the brain cells, which are affected by environmental triggers and have mitochondrial dysfunction. The Bioflex Laser technology protects the dopamine levels within the brain and prevents the loss of brain cells. It aids in upgrading the mitochondrial functions and allows the patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 


  1. It is a non-invasive therapy
  2. It is non-toxic
  3. It is highly safe and effective
  4. It does not pose any side effects similar to the pharmaceuticals
  5. It does not cause any drug interactions
  6. Bioflex laser therapy reduces pain and other symptoms without any surgical treatment
  7. It serves as a perfect alternative treatment for patients who don’t respond to conventional therapeutic options

Call now at the toll-free number 0800-52737 and book your appointment by the dedicated healthcare professionals. 


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