Domestic Violence, its Causes and Effects on Society

Do you know what domestic violence is & its effects on the victim?

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You often heard of domestic violence whether in news or from someone close to you. Do you know what domestic violence is and what are its effects on the victim, its family and on the society? Let’s read more about Domestic Violence, its Causes and Effects on Society.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence means any type of aggressive behavior(including physical, emotional, sexual or verbal abuse) which is done at home by any of family members. In the west, the family means husband, wife and their children but in Pakistan family does not comprise of only spouses and their children. This means the bigger the family circle is, the more the changes of domestic violence are.

Causes of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in Pakistan is very common in Pakistan. In recent studies, it is found that every second woman in Pakistan is abused in one or more ways. Feudalism, lack of education, insufficient dowry, giving birth to girls, honor matters, gender prejudice, patriarchy and many more contribute to domestic violence. Ignorance of women rights is the base of domestic violence.

Say No To Domestic Violence
Say No To Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence, its Causes and Effects on Society

The abuser does not only includes the spouse but its family as well.  The abuser considers it his right to physically and mentally abuse the woman. Personal grudges and family involvement also plays a vital role. Some women are burnt by their in-laws and some are killed. Some are divorced and some are abused severely until they become mentally disabled.

Statistics of Domestic Violence

A study shows that 77 percent of Pakistani women are verbally abused, 73 percent are physically and sexually abused and nearly 1000 honor killings are reported per annum.

Domestic violence is usually not reported in Pakistan as it is considered a personal matter. The woman is forced to compromise with the situation as her parents consider it a normal action from the side of her in-laws. They don’t think about the mental and physical health of their daughter. The woman in this scenario suffered a lot but she is unable to do anything as she is unaware of her rights given to her by Islam and our law enforcement agencies.

Consequences of Domestic Violence

The consequences of domestic violence are very heart-wrenching. How can a mentally disturbed mother raise a healthy child? Or a depressed girl lead a happy and healthy life? Also how can a vanquish and subdued daughter be a strong wife and a mother? Or how can we wish for a healthy next generation when we are producing unhealthy and mentally depressed mothers. Please think and stop domestic violence as our future is based on healthy mothers.

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