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Do Not Doubt about Someone Honesty: Dr Bilal Philips

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Doubting anyone’s honesty is not a good thing. Our religion Islam also preaches us about same thing. We being Muslims and followers of Prophet (P.B.U.H) must doubt or question anyone’s honesty or deeds. Because it os something our duty; ALLAH (SWT) being the Lord know well and is looking into everyone’s deeds. So here we are with a complete blog on this thing. Do Not Doubt about Someone Honesty: Dr Bilal Philips

Dr Bilal Philips said that “Allah has prohibited the believers from doing this evil act.”

Do Not Doubt about Someone Honesty: Dr Bilal Philips

All Muslims must follow these fundamental things in daily life:

  • Think positively and think of 100 good reasons before making a wrong comment about someone as suspicion is an evil act.
  • Don’t talk about others.
  • We might not be correct enough to understand by seeing the only side of the picture
  • Let’s join hands to get rid of this evil act.
  • May Allah help us all Amen.
  • Stop getting curious about others.
  • Let’s begin by correcting ourselves first
  • Let’s not be a part of an evil act through suspicion
  • Let’s not sin as we don’t want our hearts to turn black
  • Remember, in the end, in the grave, only i and my acts/deeds/sins/hard work are going to matter

None else would come to save. But only WHAT WE DID TO SAVE OURSELVES



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