KP Goes Tech: Digital Youth Summit 2018 to Kick Start Tomorrow

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KP Goes Tech: Digital Youth Summit 2018 to Kick Start Tomorrow. KP’s wait for year’s Digital Youth Summit is finally over. This year’s (DYS) also known as Pakistan’s premier technology conference will be held on 27th and 28th of April 2018. Jointly organized by the World Bank and KP IT board, this year’s Summit will see a number of influential, inspirational and intellectual personalities.

The people sharing their views hail from different walks of like i.e. government bodies, investors, academia, civil society, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, digital reformers, students and anyone who has ideas of taking Pakistan’s digital infrastructure to newer heights.

The fourth edition of DYS will see a number of motivational speakers with notable luminaries that include Shahbaz Khan (MD KPITB), Neil Buhne (UNDP representative to Pakistan), Imran Khan (Chairman PTI), Melinda Good (CM Pakistan – World Bank) and lot of other distinguished guests who will be addressing in this two-day-long summit.

KP Goes Tech: Digital Youth Summit 2018 to Kick Start Tomorrow

The event will trigger a series of discussions about how Pakistan can emerge even more among the neighboring countries in the perspective of digitization. These discussions will be amalgamated with an ongoing session of capacity building workshops which will mostly focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Android Development, Open Data, e-commerce, Android Development, and Blockchain technologies.

The fourth edition of DYS won’t only be focusing on digital and entrepreneurial leadership but this time around it will also pursue a discourse about gender diversity in technology fields, digital safety and redefining the future of work.

A number of tech enthusiasts and leading individuals will be sharing their life-changing stories and how the youth can come up to their potential. Chairman PTI, Imran Khan will address the guests on the 27th and will talk about his vision for the future and betterment of the province and the youth.

More and more speakers will emphasize on multi-pronged strategy i.e. Digital Governance, Digital Economy, Digital Access, and Digital Skills. During the Summit, the KP IT board will also give updates and share publicize their progress about the plans initiated under the Digital KP banner, first announced at DYS 2017.

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