Order Delicious Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad

Celebrating the special days have become easy now!

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Life has become so busy and materialistic that we don’t have enough time for our loved ones. But, whenever we encounter a small occasion or hear even a tiny good news, the first thing we do is to take some time out and celebrate. Be it a birthday party, a graduation party, an anniversary, an engagement party or any other regular party – there is one thing common in all of them – cake. we all love enjoying and celebrating our special days with cake but not a simple or ordinary cake. We want a special one, a customized one which is the perfect reflection of our feelings and thoughts. But we don’t know from where we can get our dream cake. No worries, as I have something interesting for all those who loves cake. This blog is going to cover all the available Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad.

1. Bake Passion

Bake passion is one of the best Customized cake option in the twin cities. It is located on Lehtrar road, Islamabad. They provide the services of take away and home delivery with some extra charges. If you want to order a cake for some party then you will have to inform them 7 days before. However, normal cake requires only 3 days.

Order Delicious Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad

Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad
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Their cakes are delicious in taste, perfect in presentation and amazing in quality. They have an extremely cooperative team which make sure that you get your cake exactly you wanted it to be. In addition to funky frosted cakes, Bake Passion also make printed edible graphic cakes and cupcakes.

Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad
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They have set 3 pounds minimum weight of the cake and the price is charged according to the artwork of the cake. A plain frosted cake will cost you Rs. 1000 per pound and if you want more artwork on cake then the prices goes up to Rs. 1800 per pound.

2. Cake me Up

‘Cake me up’ is another customized cake option provided by a home-baker in G.9/2 sector of Islamabad. You can have their fondant customized cakes in Rs. 1100 per pound, cupcake in Rs. 200 and edible image cake in Rs. 1250 per pound.

Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad
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You can order a cake for any of your special occasion from ‘cake me up’ and it will surely make you satisfied and happy with the final product.

Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad – Just One Click Away

3. Funky Bake

As the name suggests, ‘Funky Bake’ bakes delicious yet beautiful cakes and cupcakes. Funky Bake is a bakery located in the F.11 sector of Islamabad. It is also located in the Centaurus mall and Bahria town. This bakery not only take bookings for your customized cakes but also welcome the walk ins. Owing to its amazing and tasty cakes, cookies and the cupcakes, it can simply be called as the best one in the town.

Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad
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4. Sugar n Crumbs

‘Sugar n crumbs’ is a home-based business that provides the service of customized cake, cookies and cupcakes. It is owned by one of the first cake artists in Islamabad, Nabia Mehmud. Here, you can have your perfect cake baked in various flavors such as French Vanilla Bean, Chocolate dream, Strawberry fantasy, Angel’s slice, Lemon drop, Red velvet cloud and Rainbow burst.

Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad

‘Sugar n Crumbs’ takes order 1-2 weeks prior to the celebration and charge according to the design and artwork of the cake.

5. Cake Customs

Last but not the least, we have ‘cake customs’ located in E.11/2 sector of Islamabad. This bakery is quite famous for its tasty and well-presented cakes that are prepared to the point of perfection. Have a quick glance on their cake and you would want to eat it and crave for it again and again.

Customized Cakes Online in Islamabad

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