Why All Punjabis Crave for Charsi Tikka Peshawar: The Best Tikka House in Pakistan

Punjabi people crave for and love to eat whenever they visit Peshawar

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Why All Punjabis Crave for Charsi Tikka Peshawar: The Best Tikka House in Pakistan. We are all aware of the fact that no one can beat or compete Punjabi people when it comes to eating tasty food. Punjabi people are credited with the title of ‘khatay peetay log’ because they love eat food that is tasty and unique. This is the reason that Lahore is considered as the food capital of Pakistan. But there is a special Pashtun desi dish that Punjabi people crave for and love to eat whenever they visit Peshawar. This dish is called as Charsi Tikka.

Why All Punjabis Crave for Charsi Tikka Peshawar

Those who have not tasted it must try it once to have the taste that will never leave your mouth and that will leave you wanting it more and more. All desi food lovers need to go through this blog as it covers every detail regarding charsi tikka.

What is Charsi Tikka Peshawar

Charsi Tikka is basically an Afghan cuisine that has been brought to Pakistan owing to its fine taste. In charsi tikka restaurants, you must order lamb meat by kilograms. There are three variations in charsi tikka.

  • The first is the barbequed lamb tikka that is cooked on coals by using only salt. The small pieces of lamb meat are diced in salt and are cooked on coals for almost 45 minutes. people usually eat these tikkas as appetizers.
Charsi Tikka Peshawar
Charsi Tikka, Source: Google
  • The second one is called as Patta Seekh or patta tikka which is basically the liver of lamb barbequed on coals. The word ‘patta’ means ‘hidden’ and this dish is called as patta seekh because in this, the small pieces of liver are wrapped in a thin layer of fat are cooked afterwards.
Charsi Tikka Peshawar
Patta Seekh, Source: Google
Charsi Tikka Peshawar
Patta Seekh, Source: Google
  • The third one is the famous namkeen karahi in which the small pieces of lamb meat are cooked with tomatoes, garlic, green chilies, fat and salt. Namkeen karahi is truly a treat for those who want to have meat with a little gravy. It takes almost an hour to get cooked.
Charsi Tikka Peshawar
Namkeen karahi, Source: Google

Where to find it?

In Islamabad

In Islamabad, there is only one restaurant from where you can eat the tasty charsi tikka and that is Khyber Shinwari Restaurant situated in the G.9 sector of Islamabad. This restaurant is always packed with people and you will have to struggle in finding a table for your family, especially on weekends. Their menu consists of special namak mandi tikka, special namak mandi karahi, special koyla shinwari karahi, namkeen shinwari karahi dumba, namkeen mutton karahi and many other mutton dishes.

Charsi Tikka Peshawar
Khyber Shinwari Restaurant Islamabad, Source: Google

In Peshawar

In Peshawar, there are two very famous charsi tikka Restaurants. They are mentioned below.

Nisar Khan Charsi Tikka House

This Charsi Tikka hotel is in the namak mandi of Peshawar. It is like the hub of pushtoon traditional desi food. The owner of this restaurant, Nisar khan started his business with a small outlet in namak mandi. Later on this outlet was expanded into a hotel. It took him 30 years to open the hotel with the name of Sheesh Mahal.

This charsi tikka eatery is considered as one of the best. And its tikka is considered as the tastiest in the town. According to its owner, the reason behind this good taste is that they don’t use spices or ghee but cook the mutton in its own fat by using only salt.

The sitting area of this restaurant is very ordinary but the taste is par excellence. You will not find the real taste of lamb anywhere else but in this restaurant. Those planning on coming to this hotel in car must avoid it as there is a huge problem of car parking.

Charsi Tikka Peshawar
Nisar Khan Charsi Tikka House, Source: Google
Khyber Charsi Tikka Peshawar

Your trip to Peshawar would be incomplete. If you don’t visit this restaurant and try out their namkeen tikka, namkeen karahi and pata seekh. Although, all the tikka houses have live kitchen. But watching this hotel’s process of cooking lamb meet will leave you satisfied. Their tikka is soft and juicy.

The good thing about this hotel is that when you order the amount of meat you want to have, they cut it in front of you and send it to the kitchen. This way you can see whether the meat is fresh or not. Like other hotels, the sitting area is very ordinary but the taste is extraordinary.

Charsi Tikka Peshawar
Khyber Charsi Tikka, Source: Google
Why All Punjabis Crave for Charsi TikkaWhy All Punjabis Crave for Charsi Tikka
Khyber Charsi Tikka
Source: Google

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