Restaurants to Get Most Delicious Chapli Kabab in Peshawar

Places you must visit for unique taste of Chapli Kabab

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Restaurants to Get Most Delicious Chapli Kabab in Peshawar. Highlighting the strong connection between people and their food, Anthony Bourdain once commented that ‘food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, our personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It is inseparable for those in the get-go’. This is so true because the food we eat is connected to us, our history, our personality, our religion and our region. This is the reason which makes us think of trying out traditional food dishes of any new place whenever we plan on visiting it because those food items are exclusive to that area and are only available there.

Restaurants to Get Most Delicious Chapli Kabab in Peshawar

Similarly, whenever we think of Peshawar, the things that comes to our mind are chapli kabab, charsi tikka, namak mandi and karkhano market because these things are exclusively available there. Peshawar has specialty in bringing a unique and special taste to chapli kabab which cannot be found anywhere else. This blog covers some of the best chapli kabab places in Peshawar.

Jalil Kabab House

Jalil Kabab House is one of the oldest kabab houses in Peshawar. It was set up in 1950 and its owner claim that this hotel serves more than 1000 people on daily basis including tourists, travelers, celebrities and students. Besides, almost the same number of people order from home and enjoy their kababs through home delivery service. Besides kabab, you can also have their tasty Kabuli pulao and chicken sajji.

Restaurants to Get Most Delicious Chapli Kabab in Peshawar
Jalil Kabab House; Source: Google

Misri Khan Chapli Kabab Hotel

This kabab hotel is located on Charsada road, Peshawar, and is quite famous for its taste and quality of kababs. The local people of Peshawar visit this area on almost daily basis and that is why this place is always packed with people. It has a considerable sitting area which makes it a suitable place for families to have lunch and dinner in.

All these restaurants are Serving Best Chapli Kabab in Peshawar

Best Chapli Kabab places in Peshawar
Misri Khan Chapli Kabab Hotel; Source: Google

Lal Zada Chapli Kabab

Lal Zada Chapli Kabab hotel is located on Faqeerabad road, Peshawar. This place does not have a proper sitting area so those planning on bringing families with them must cancel their plan. However, you can come here with your friends or eat at home as take away.

Restaurants to Get Most Delicious Chapli Kabab in Peshawar
Lal Zada Chapli Kabab; Source: Google

Thana Chapli Kabab

This chapli kabab eatery is located on old Bara road and is one of the most-known and most-visited place in Peshawar. Their regular customers are visiting this place for several years and consider their kabab to be the best and tastiest in the town.

Restaurants to Get Most Delicious Chapli Kabab in Peshawar
Thana Chapli Kabab; Source; Google

Arooma Chapli Kabab

This kabab house is  in the hub of Pashtun desi food, i.e., Namak Mandi chowk Peshawar. People visiting Namak Mandi for its special charsi tikka also pays visit to this kabab restaurant and enjoy their tasty kababs by sitting in the traditional setting of charpoys and table. Besides, people coming from other cities orders and pack the kabab to take them back to their home so that their family can enjoy the taste of  special Peshawri Chapli kabab.

Restaurants to Get Most Delicious Chapli Kabab in Peshawar
Arooma Chapli Kabab; Source: Google

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