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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment and Care

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome mainly affects the median nerve, located within the hands.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder that leads to numbness, pain, and the tingling sensation within the hands and arms of an individual. The disease mainly affects the median nerve, which is located within the hands. There are various carpal tunnel syndrome treatment recommended by the doctors. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome leads to narrowing of the tunnel or swelling of the surrounding tendons, which puts pressure over the median nerve. The synovial tissues usually lubricate the surrounding tendons in the carpal tunnel area, but during swelling, they compress the nerve and lead to abnormal, painful sensation, tingling, and numbness.


Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in Islamabad/ Lahore/ Peshawar/ Karachi helps you to get immediate treatment and allows you to diagnose the condition immediately. The early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

Tingling/ burning/ numbness and painful sensation primarily involving the middle, index, thumb and ring fingers

The shock-like feeling on an occasional basis which radiates towards the fingers and thumb

  • The unpleasant and tingling sensation is felt that moves up to the forearm and then to the shoulders
  • Clumsiness and weakness in hands
  • Difficulty to perform daily activities
  • Loss of proprioception due to which you drop things and are unaware of your hand space

The symptoms with carpal tunnel syndrome start gradually and appear occasionally. However, when the condition becomes worse, the symptoms are frequently experienced over an extended period. 

The symptoms are usually experienced during nigh-time when you bend the wrist or sleep on your hand. During day-time symptoms are typically seen when you hold things for an extended period like driving, typing, reading, or using the phone. 


The causes of carpal tunnel syndrome depend on various factors. It is commonly seen in old age people and women. It is seen in people who have:

  •         Genetic transmission of the disease,
  •         People who repetitively use their hands,
  •         People who perform extreme extension or flexion position of the wrists and hands,
  •         People with certain health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid gland disturbances
  •         Pregnancy


The carpal tunnel treatment starts with proper physical examination where the doctor evaluates the general health, your medical history, and considers evaluating your symptoms. The doctor carefully examines the wrist and the hand and asks you to perform tests such as Tinsel’s test, which helps in the identification of nerve damage. 

Other tests include Electrophysiological tests, EMG, nerve conduction tests, ultrasound, X-rays, and MRI scans. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is categorized as a progressive disease that gets worse over some time. The conventional treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome include surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. However, these treatment options do pose adverse effects over the body. In today’s world, we have Bioflex laser technology which serves as the best treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome in Islamabad/ Lahore/ Peshawar/ Karachi. It is a low-intensity/ cold laser therapy which offers photobiomodulation effects over the affected area.


Bioflex laser therapy is a Canadian laser technology which is:

  •         Non-invasive
  •         Non-surgical
  •         Non-toxic
  •         Highly effective and safe

You can choose Bioflex for treating the painful sensation caused by carpal tunnel syndrome as it does not pose any adverse effects over the body. Call now and book your appointments through the toll-free number 0800-52737.


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