Careem Suffers Massive Cyber Attack-14 Million Users Data Stolen

Careem’s Security Compromised

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Careem Suffers Massive Cyber Attack-14 Million Users Data Stolen. In a recent news it was publicized that the Careem, a Dubai based ride-hailing company, was attacked by cyber criminals in January. This attack resulted in data theft of millions of its users. This news was released by the company resources in a blog post.

According to Careem, the company came to know about the data theft on 14th of January. This system breach resulted in cyber criminals gaining access to their computer systems holding important data related to customers and Careem captains.

When this attack was made the company claimed to have more than 14 million customers and 5558,000 drivers associated with the company. According to a company spokesman talking to Reuters ‘these customers and drivers operated from 78 cities across the region. According to the reports, the users who signed up to the company’s services after 14th of January are not affected by this data breach.

Careem Suffers Massive Cyber Attack-14 Million Users Data Stolen

The data that was compromised includes important personal details that include passenger’s names, email addresses, phone numbers and all the data related to their trips. Although there isn’t any conclusive evidence that passenger’s credit card numbers and passwords were stolen.

According to Careem sources:

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]“Customers’ credit card information is kept on an external third-party PCP-compliant server.”[/box]

According to latest updates, the company has launched a thorough investigation by teaming up with leading cyber security experts and law enforcement agencies.

Careem has also informed their customers:

  • To strengthen their existing passwords or change them
  • To exercise caution on any unsolicited communication that may ask for you personal data.
  • Not to click on any suspicious links
  • Not to avoid downloading any attachments from unknown emails
  • To keep a close look at your bank account and credit card statement to avoid any unwanted activity.

This news is a shock to millions of Careem users around the world.

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