5 Limitations of Buying Books in Store in Pakistan

Let's read about limitations of buying books from stores

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5 Limitations of Buying Books in Store in Pakistan: For the avid reader, buying books is as much a pleasure as reading them. The excitement when a new addition to a cherished series comes out is something that only a true fanatic of book reading can relate to. Unfortunately, buying books does not always turn out to be the adventure one hoped for. Especially in Pakistan, where a bulk of the books sold are still sold through conventional brick and mortar bookshops, the experience is marred by tiny inconveniences and nuisances.

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Where the world has moved onto the online domain and companies such as have made billions selling books online, we remain stuck in the mud, buying from physical bookshops. Though there is hope as more and more online bookstores in Pakistan are propping up every day and more people, particularly millennials, are buying books online by the dozens. Yet for those who remain on the fence about whether to purchase their next book from their old and trusty bookshop around the corner or try the online book buying experience for the first time, here are some limitations and inconveniences of buying books in the store in Pakistan that everyone has experienced at one time or another.

5 Limitations of Buying Books in Store in Pakistan

  1. Books Are Not Sorted Genre Wise: In many of the Pakistani bookstores, the books are not sorted genre-wise, which is a huge inconvenience for someone looking for a particular book. You walk around the shelves looking for that detective thriller type story yet all you find are the romantic comedies and it makes you sigh in despair. That is something unique to in-store buying experience because when you shop online; all the books are sorted not only by genre but by price and authors as well. This makes it convenient to find a particular type of book and does not involve you having to sift through dozens of books before settling on one.

2. The Prices Are Not Listed With The Books: You are walking through the store on a Friday evening, looking to pick out a nice book that will take you through the weekend and you spot the perfect one. You walk over to it, pick it up, read the first few lines, and are instantly intrigued. There’s just one problem, you are on a budget, and you don’t know how much the book is for because there are no prices listed with the books. Would you have this problem while shopping for books online? Of course not. All the credible and genuine online book retailers, list the price as well as all the other relevant information of the book when you click on it. This means you do not have to run around to find the shopkeeper every time you like a book.

3. Inconvenient Placement: Many of the bookstores in Pakistan do not take care to place the books according to size. Not only does it not look good, but it also leaves a bad impression on the customer. Books are all about symmetry, whether it’s the story within them or the way, they are placed side by side with each other. It may not seem like a big problem to anyone else but for a person who reads often and buys books regularly, they know why this is worth mentioning. Of course, online book retailers do not have to take care of the size of the books and people who shop online do not have to deal with this problem.

4. You Can Never Get All The Books In One Store: In all honesty, this one should have been at the top of the list. Often, a bookstore may not have the book you are looking for. Sometimes it is simply because the store is not big enough to house all the different kinds of books required by different readers. Yet, when you search for books online through the database of a particular online retailer, you will find whatever you are looking for more often than not. This eliminates the worry of whether or not you will be able to find your desired book at the bookshop nearest to you. This is a prime reason why most young people are switching to purchasing online books in Pakistan.

5. Pirated Books: Many of the bookstores in Pakistan have pirated books. This is not only morally undesirable but also diminishes the quality of the book and thereby diminishes the reading experience of the reader. This is especially a problem while purchasing academic books from brick and mortar bookshops. Online bookstores take care not to supply pirated books to their consumers.

These were just some of the limitations of Buying Books in Store in Pakistan and why you should consider switching to purchasing books online to save both time and money and avoid these nuisances.


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