Bollywood was never my aim-Mahira Khan

Mahira khan spoke to BBC News recently and said that Bollywood was never my aim.

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A heartthrob and one of the most leading successful actress of Pakistan industry “Mahira khan”, recently said that Bollywood was never my aim. Last year we saw Mahira with Shahrukh khan in Bollywood movie Raees that couldn’t get approval to release in Pakistani cinema as well as Mahira also couldn’t promote her movie in India due to death threats. Mahira was very upset at that time but now she has moved on like a real professional lady. Bollywood was never my aim-Mahira Khan.

Recently Mahira spoke out this issue on BBC World news.

“At that time I was angry. I was sad and angry and there were moments of disappointment and just hurt, you know. Now I’ve come to a place where I believe that anger doesn’t really make me a better actor. It doesn’t do anything for me as a person, so I’ve let go of that, because at that time I was in the mix of it,”

Bollywood was never my aim-Mahira Khan

“Bollywood was never really the aim actually. I mean sure you could argue that I could have done more films there, for sure I could have. But right after ‘Raees’ I had already started working on (Pakistani film) ‘Verna’, even before all of this happened. My focus was always Pakistan,”

Bollywood was never my aim-Mahira Khan

More she said:

“Currently I just feel it’s just something else to be working and be part of this movement of the film industry (in Pakistan) at the moment. Because how I look at it, is that 20 years from now when either my son or kids from today want to become actors, we would have set this industry for them, which they won’t have to struggle so much,”

Mahira said, “I don’t think that I can tell any story better than the story of my own country, than the stories of my own countrymen. I want to be able to bring out stories like ‘Verna’, as well as stories which are of the modern and new generation like ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’, which is a film I did of the youth of Pakistan. So I want to be that person. Also, because we are artistes, I think that’s a problem we all suffer. We are dreamers, so we are constantly looking at this is going to happen, and this is honestly all I am thinking about all the time, that one day I will go to a cinema house and there just won’t be enough space to fill it.”

Mahira khan is working on “Saath din Mohabbat in” and as well as “Maula Jutt 2”, both are big Pakistani Projects. We wish this talented lady a very best of luck!!

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