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Best Wedding & Birthday Photography Locations in Islamabad

Beautiful Spot for Photography in Islamabad

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Outdoor wedding, birthday, bridal shower etc. photography is the new trend these days. People love to take pictures at different attractive locations accordingly to the event. Islamabad has got amazing beauty and there are various Best Wedding and Birthday Photography Locations in Islamabad. In this blog we will be suggesting some attractive and multipurpose locations where you can go and make your photo shoot memorable.

1969 & Time Goes On

As this restaurant has huge lawns and recorded extremely well hence it is very in for bridal and birthday photo shoots. You can opt for both inside and outside locations for the photo shoot.

Best Wedding & Birthday Photography Locations in Islamabad

Best Wedding & Birthday Photography Locations in Islamabad

Saidpur Village

Saidpur village offers various locations for the same purpose. This place is covered with different theme restaurants and completely open air as well. One can opt for Andaaz, Des Perdes, Hotspot etc. locations for both weeding and birthday photgraphy.

Best Wedding & Birthday Photography Locations in Islamabad

Pir Sohawa

These days Pir Sohawa is also very famous for wedding photo shoot but only you can manage to go there on your wedding day :-p Whereas you can also celebrated birthday at Pir Sohawa by booking place at Jungle Hut or the next public gathering spot towards Damn e Koh.

Faisal Mosque

Pne of my most recommended place for Nikah and wedding shoot is Faisal Mosque. You can check yourself on Facebook the shoots done here and you will be convinced yourself for selecting Faisal Mosque for your special day.

Best Wedding & Birthday Photography Locations in Islamabad

Lok Virsa

If you are heritage and culture scenery lover then Lok Virsa is right place for your weeding shoot.

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