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Best Soup in Islamabad-Stay Warm with Best Soup in Town

Affordable & Tasty Soup in Islamabad

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Looking for Best Soup in Islamabad? Let us recommend you some outlets and shops who will serve you affordable yet delicious soup in Islamabad.

We all love to stay warm and at the same time enjoy winters. The usual craving in winters is for hot soup, coffee and other food items that can keep you warm. So, we decided to come up with following soup outlets suggestions in order to help you in enjoying some warm taste in Islamabad.

Best Soup in Islamabad-Stay Warm with Best Soup in Town

1: I-8 Sangum Market Soup

I have been enjoying this soup almost everyday during winters and it is one of the best soup in Islamabad. They can serve you simple egg soup and their special corn soup at as affordable price as Rs. 70 and Rs. 100 respectively.

Do try their soup this winters and I bet you won’t regret it.

2: G-9 Market Soup Spot

Located near Prince Bakery of G-9, this is one of the oldest soup spot. Their soup is really very delicious yet affordable as well.

Also, there is a french fries outlet in front of their shop so one can try their fries as well.

3: KimMun Restaurant

So why I am recommending an expensive place here is because KimMun got an extra ordinary taste in soups and other Chinese dishes. The restaurant has outlet in Safa Gold Mall, Centaurus, F-7 and F-6 Markaz.

If you want to try something slightly different, the szechuan soup is not to be missed.

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