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Best Schools in Auckland–The University of Auckland

Are you looking to get enroll for Degree at Auckland University? Let us help you!

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Are you looking to get enroll in the Best Schools in Auckland – The University of Auckland? Let us help you in this blog!

When you choose New Zealand as your destination country, it is guaranteed that you will never regret this decision. This is because the degrees attained from New Zealand institutions have a worldwide recognition based on its excellent academia. New Zealand has emerged as a competent international student’s destination due to its high standards of living, stable economy, welcoming locals as well as government policies, peaceful environment and employment opportunities.

For every student the utmost challenging decision is opting for a university while planning his or her studies abroad.  There are many globally ranked universities in New Zealand, and one of them is The University of Auckland.

Best Schools in Auckland – The University of Auckland

Why to choose Auckland University of Technology?

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is renowned as an excellent university, having a large number degree programs.

Every talented and hardworking student dreamed to get into AUT and flourish his or her careers.


Mission of The University of Auckland is to create world-ready graduates by providing exceptional learning experiences, which prepares its students for their career.

This is achieved by encouraging innovation, creativity, conducting research, capability to explore and understand new technologies.

Auckland University has quite good reputation in terms of its academia, teaching faculty and teaching methodology of theoretical and practical learning. This is the reason AUT graduates are highly in demand by employers.

Complete your Degree at Auckland University of Technology in Auckland

Best Schools in Auckland – The University of Auckland

Global Ranking

Auckland University of Technology has been ranked first by world rankings organizations QS and the times higher education for its international outlook.

It has industry partners all across the world and collaborations for research world vide. It has large number of international students as well as international faculty, which enables the students to enjoy cross-cultural experience during their studies.

Advanced Training and Learning

AUT has world-class facilities like motion capture studio, sports science facility, radio telescope and AUT millennium. It has successfully created transformational educational spaces and this has been recognized by university rankings organization QS in terms of teaching and all the facilities it has.

Ready to Apply? Let us help you!

Applying to get admission in Auckland University is Online and students are required to visit AUT official website and follow step-by-step application guide.

There are limited number of seats in every program, so the first advice is to apply well before semester starts.

Being an international student, you will require New Zealand visa therefore keep the visa process time in mind and apply for that timely.

Submit your Application

  • You can apply online
  • Apply via AUT registered agent
  • Fill in application form, attach required documents and email on

Application Acknowledgement

You will receive an acknowledgment email/ letter, to confirm your application success or failure.

Successful Application

If your application is successful, AUT will send you an offer of place letter. It will include following details:

  • Fees schedule
  • Fees payment modes/ options
  • Fees details like tuition and other compulsory fees
  • Insurance
  • Student visa

Offer of Place Acceptance

You will be required to sign the acceptance offer form and by due date return it to AUT. Be mindful that even after receiving offer of place, your admission is not certain. Rather to guarantee your admission, you must pay all the dues by the due date.

In case due to any unavoidable situation, you are unable to join your semester, you can apply for deferral.

After receiving your payment, AUT will send you receipt and that you will present at the immigration office along copy of offer of place letter to get student visa.

English language requirements

Medium of education at AUT is English and if English, New Zealand sign language or Maori is not your first language, then you will be required to prove your English language knowledge.

Student Life at The University of Auckland

Situated in Auckland, which is ranked at number three in world Mercer’s 2019 in quality of living index, University of Auckland is a nice and safe institute to complete your professional degree.

According to the Times Higher Education 2020, AUT had been consistently ranked as number 1 in New Zealand past few years, for best and highest number of international students’ intake every year.

There are a wide range of student support services and an extra ordinary vibrant student life at AUT. Second largest university in New Zealand, with more than 30,000 students including international students from all over the world.

Degrees Offered in The University of Auckland

AUT offers graduate diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, MBAs as well as PhDs in the following areas:

  • Art and design
  • Business
  • Communication studies
  • Creative technologies
  • Engineering,
  • Computer Studies
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Education
  • Language and culture
  • Hospitality, tourism and events
  • Health sciences
  • Social sciences and public policy
  • Sport and recreation
  • Science
  • Law
  • Māori development

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Scholarships and Awards available at The University of Auckland

If you intend to study in AUT then here is an exciting news; Yes AUT has a vast number of scholarships as well as awards available for both domestic and international students.

These financial support programs are available at every degree level with the main aim to support talented students who face financial difficulties to pursue their studies at AUT.

We are mentioning some scholarships and awards below and keep in mind these are only few, you must visit AUT official website to explore more options:

Buckle up and visit AUT official website frequently to stay updated about their semester commencement dates. Also, prepare your documents in meanwhile as well as English language proficiency test.

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