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Best Charities to Donate in USA

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In order to donate to a charity your money or property, make sure that you have done a proper research work. There are charity organizations who specializes in health sector for example aiming to fight against a specific illness, while some organizations have vision to financially support all kinds of diseases.

Some organizations vision is to fight against poverty and some are struggling to eradicate child labor from the world. They are many organizations with even more causes and numerous volunteers are working with them.

You can donate to charity in various forms like money, property, personal goods, and vehicles, valuable items like jewelry, stock, and patents.

Looking for Credible Donation Platforms? Here are the Best Charities to Donate in USA

Let’s have a look at well-known charities to donate in US and you can also donate from any corner of the world to these charities online.

  1. American Kidney Fund

known as the US leading not for profit organization, which is doing a tremendous job for the people having kidney diseases (approx. 30 million Americans have kidney illness).

American kidney fund aims to provide a wide variety of services including but not limited to prevention measures, direct financial assistance, education to fight with kidney diseases, medical care in dialysis and transplant etc.  They also conduct their own research work to find out how to improve lives of kidney patients with the disease and after treatment.

  1. American Cancer Society

Established in 1913, a voluntary organization, which aims to fight against cancer and eliminate it. ACS is operating across US with the help of its volunteer work force in more than 250 regional offices.

ACS is conducting a massive research to erase cancer from the world, identify a link between smoking and cancer. Moreover, they are putting their best efforts to save lives from cancer.

  1. American Heart Association

one of US oldest and biggest non-profit organization which aims to fight against heart and stroke illness. The founders are from heart specialty and it has grown to 23 million volunteers from all fields.

AHA conducts a massive research about better public health policies, information to save lives and innovating critical tools. One of the biggest achievement associated with American heart association is that it leads in CPR training education all over US.

  1. Americares Foundation

It is a health focused relief organization. Its aim is to make the world a better place where everyone has equal access to the health care. This organization has collaborated with national, international and local partners in order to deliver clinical and emergency services and medicines availability to anyone who need it.

5. Feed the Children

Their aim is to eradicate children hunger. This not for profit organization is serving as an intermediary to get on board donors, partner charities, experts and communities to work on this agenda. They have a vision which itself is quite thought provoking i.e. “creating a world in which no child will go to bed hungry”.


Their aim is to promote Christian principles via programs, which encourage healthy spirit, body and mind in humans. YMCA is a not for profit organization which understands that personal and social developments can be achieved by working in collaboration.  In US, YMCA is working hard to improve every child and teen health and wellbeing so that everybody has equal opportunity to get better health, more confidence and have better sense of security.

  1. Feeding America

Operating via having its “food banks” network nationwide. This organization has collaborated with other charities, businesses and public sector organizations to end hunger from poor people lives. They are also doing efforts to create awareness about their cause and the problem. They are conducting massive research to understand and break the vicious cycle of poverty and the hunger.

8. United Way Worldwide

The USA oldest largest charity and many contribute to it through their salary deductions. United way aims to fight for the financial stability, health and education of everyone in the community. Their focus is to improve building blocks of life and thus leaving a permanent impact on everyone’s lives.

9. World Resources Institute

An environmental charity that is a research organization. They have created solutions, which help to sustain nation’s natural resources.  World resources institute is an international not for profit organization addressing issues like food, water, forests, climate, transportation impact on the environment.

10. Global Fund for Women

Aims for gender equality. They are working worldwide and have a reach in challenging countries like Nepal and Afghanistan. This not for profit organization is working for women empowerment and making efforts to ensure that women are given their basic human rights.

11. Step Up For Students

Aims to provide financial aid to parents and students to access education and learning opportunities. It is a nonprofit scholarship fund, whose agenda is to provide equal opportunities to the community.

12. Mental Health America

Helps Americans to understand and prevent as well as treat issues related to mental health. Mental health issues effects overall quality of life and this organization is creating an awareness about the increasing trend in this illness.

Be sure that the charity you are donating to is for real as there are many scams and when you will find out about them when you start your research. A charity must have a license for charitable organization and this will prove their authenticity.

The scammers are in business to take advantage of people generosity and or any tragedy they have been through. Before donating please, do check about the charity in “state consumer protection office” to verify their name and license.

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