Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar for Foodies

Here are some worth try breakfast restaurants in the city of flowers

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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, must be delicious, tasty, energetic and full of nutrients. When you feed your yourself what your body needs and when it need, it is love indeed. For Peter Falk, the idea of heaven is to wake up, have breakfast and spend the rest of the day drawing. Truly, if you want your day to be blessed, happy and meaningful then have a great breakfast. You enjoy it more when you have it in a place you love whether it is home or any restaurant. Many people don’t know that Peshawar is blessed with some of the amazing cafes and restaurants which serves delicious breakfast. In this blog, I will be reviewing Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar for Foodies.

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Peshori khalis Food, Hashtnagri

If you are looking for a traditional Peshawri breakfast then this place should be your first choice as it is quite famous for its halwa puris, chanay, kachohri, cooked in desi ghee. Not only the local Peshawri but people from other areas also visit this place and enjoy its yummy nashta. It opens at 6am and closes at 12pm.

Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar for Foodies
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Gloria Jeans Coffee

If you want to have a more formal, sophisticated yet tasty breakfast then Gloria jeans is the right place for you. With its wooden work, simple décor and excellent taste, Gloria jeans stands out and proves itself to be the best. Here you can enjoy the best coffee, brownies, sandwiches, shakes and a huge variety of bakery items.

Source: Gloria Jeans

Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar for Foodies

Wakhan Café and Bakers

Wakhan café and Bakers is the only name which comes in one’s mind while thinking of a delicious breakfast having quality, presentation and quantity. Although it is little expensive but the taste is worth each and every rupee. Here, you can enjoy tea, coffee, omelets, parathay, yogurt, halwa puri, koftay, naan, and many other breakfast items.

Try these Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar to Enjoy Weekend

Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar for Foodies
Source: Wakhan Cafe

Chaaye Khana

Chaaye khana has always been people’s number one choice when it comes to delicious breakfast. Here, you can enjoy both desi as well as continental breakfast. Desi breakfast include tea, omelet, paratha, qeema and many other items while continental breakfast include pancakes, French toasts, coffee, cream caramel, omelets including mushrooms and many other things.

Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar for Foodies
Source: Chaaye Khana

The Mapple House

The Mapple House is a very good place for all age people to have breakfast lunch and dinner. Here, you can enjoy coffee, parathay and omelets by sitting in the beautiful and well decorates dining area of the café. They also serve a variety of bakery items.

Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar for Foodies
Source: The Mapple House

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