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Want to Become A Successful Freelancer? Here is a Complete Guide

Pakistan Ranks Number 4 in the World in Freelance Industry

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Freelancing is not a new thing anymore; it has successfully changed the conventional style of office jobs. There is nothing as good as being your own boss. No orders to follow and also earning as per your capabilities and skills is what Freelancing offers. People across the globe are opting for Freelancing on such a huge level that it is reported that on the leading Freelance platform Upwork (March 2017 report), 14 million users in 180 countries are working with $1B in annual freelancer billings. So keeping in view the growing trend of Freelancing and remote working, this blog will share tips and tricks and detail process to Become A Successful Freelancer.

Want to Become A Successful Freelancer? Here is a Complete Guide

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan?

First of all I will share a list of authentic platforms or ways within Pakistan from where you can get projects. There are various companies/organizations that are always looking for Freelance writers to join their virtual team. How to find them is obviously important to know. So here are the possible ways to search for assignments in Pakistan:

  • Search on Facebook; there are various groups created by well-known writers. Such groups have members from across Pakistan and also from various companies. You can find writing, graphic designing, social media marketing, digital marketing, web development, web designing, video making, search engine optimization (SEO), proof reading, copy writing, blogging and many more jobs on those groups. Make sure you work for an original profile holder and also discuss the work, payment and everything about the deal before start of the work.
  • Create a good and conceivable profile on as it has huge opportunities for freelancers. I had personally very good experience with Rozee and my current Australian client project was also opted from Rozee advert.
  • Be active on LinkedIn  You can avail multiple opportunities from LinkedIn. Renowned organizations from Pakistan posts freelance opportunities on LinkedIn.
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Here are few Facebook Group recommendations that I am personally using and had good experience as well:

International Freelance Services Marketplaces


Upwork offers freelance jobs and is currently the world’s largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers meet. Formerly Upwork was known as Elance-oDesk.

Upwork actually allows clients to interview, hire and work with freelancers and agencies while using its platform.

Pakistan stands 4th in the Freelancing industry in the world as per 2016 report. There is still more opportunity to become number as we have got a huge and talented population. Secondly the reason we have topped other European countries is that Pakistanis write English well which makes them better candidates as compared to other nationals in the world.

Unfortunately, people in Pakistan are hesitant to join Upwork due to its difficult profile approval process. But that’s not too difficult, just think of the ultimate benefits and opportunities once your profile get approved.

So don’t waste a single minute now and join Upwork to explore various work opportunities.

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Fiverr is the world’s second largest online marketplace for freelancing and it begins at a cost of $5 per job which makes it popular in the Freelance community. It is based in Israel.  

Signup to Fiverr today and explore Freelancing opportunities ranging from writing, research, designing, social media marketing to various others.

Also there are various YouTube tutorials and step-by-step blogs that can help you out to become a successful and top rated Freelancer on Upwork and Fiverr. Just Google them and become a successful freelancer.

5 Basic Things to Follow

Always keep in mind following points to become a successful Freelancer:

  • Always Give Your 100%
  • Be Passionate
  •  Be Persistent
  • Have Confidence

Sky is the limit; once you understand the entire process of Freelancing there is no one who can stop you then. Its time to take decision and enjoy your own work.

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