Amazon Withdraws From the Mobile World Congress Due to Coronavirus Concerns

LG, NVIDIA & Erricsson have already withdrew the event over same concerns

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As Mobile World Congress (MVC) is all set to be held on 24th of this month; interesting news are coming out about attendees of this year event. Companies like LG, NVIDIA and Erricsson have already withdrew the event over their concerns related to newly discovered Coronavirus in China. Now the next big name is “Amazon.” Amazon Withdraws From the Mobile World Congress Due to Coronavirus Concerns.

Jeff Bezos’s Amazon has made the announcement in last week.On one hand, all these announcements clearly indicate that these companies are not going to announce their new products or software updates within this month.

Amazon Withdraws From the Mobile World Congress

On the other hand, LG, Amazon, NVIDIA and Ericsson withdrawal from the year’s most popular tech event has hurt the attendance of the MWC 2020 as well.

But still, we haven’t heard any news of MWC delay or cancellation. So, the event is going to start on February, 24th-27th, 2020. But with some serious restrictions for attendees this year. These include:

  • An strict ban on anyone who belongs to or even has visited the “Chinese province of Hubei” (which is the birthplace of Coronavirus).
  • All attendees will also go through a screening process before entering the event venue.
  • Anyone who has visited “China” in past 14 days will be even refused entry at the gates.

The good news is that other big names like Samsung, IBM, Cisco and HP are still interested in attending the event. But we never know what is going to happen in coming days. As with the increasing rate of Coronavirus, there are chances that a few other names might take a u-turn and cancel their plan to land in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2020.

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