All Eyes on Imran Khan, An Open Letter by Pakistani Citizen

A common citizen's demanded IK to bring positive reforms

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Friday, 27th July 2018

Mr. Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf,
Islamabad | Pakistan.

Dear would-be Prime Minister of Pakistan,

                          I would not hesitate to address you as the love of Pakistani nation as I now have documented proof for my claim. You have, without a doubt, written a new history of this country – Naya Pakistan. We, the Pakistani nation, had been longing for a national leader who could reflect our own culture by speaking in our own language and garbed in our own attire while advocating our own legacy and quoting our own history. I might not be able to do justice to my feelings while expressing the joy and satisfaction I found in being a witness to your live winning speech on television. A speech that was covered and aired live by all the leading national and international media outlets thoroughly. A speech that was so versatile in nature and comprehensive in content that even your critiques could not comment. A speech that was heard across the world. A speech that was not read from a stack of paper chits. The words were entirely yours, the expressions were original, the confidence was overwhelming, and the nation was proud.

                         Mr. Khan, I am neither a worker of any political force nor a member of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf. I am a commoner – a mere spectator of the political theatrical drama. I am not against any political party or the ruling elite. I, like most of our voting population, cast my vote every time and hope that the majority will choose someone who will lead this country and lift it to the heights of prosperity and goodness. I see countries around the world which secured their independence either a few years before or after 14th August, 1947. I see China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and our next-door neighbor India developing and progressing at speed much faster than ours. I desire to see Pakistan catching their pace of development and progress. I wish to see Pakistan rising among international ranks. I have suffered the waves of rising nationalism and linguistic based conflicts in my country. I have seen it breaking in two parts in the 1970s. I’m scarred and I’m helpless. And now I eye you as my final hope in the democratic setup.

                        Your party has shunned all the harmful waves and eschewed vibes of provincialism. You’ve been awarded with the opportunity to establish governments in at least two provinces as well as the center. You have the majority and prospect to bring a change in this country both practically and legally. Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch & Pakhtoon are all united and ready to support you. The ball is now in your court.

                      Thank you very much for wakening this nation which was infested with sleep and lethargy. Thank you for giving this nation a ray of hope and escape from the chronic disappointment and despondency. Thank you for coming up.

                    May ALLAH bestow his blessings upon you and give you the requisite time and strength to fulfill your promises.

A Pakistani Citizen


Junaid Rana

Junaid has earned his expertise in International Relations & Affairs from National Defence University Islamabad after graduating from the University of Balochistan with majors in Politics and Journalism. A realist in life but liberal in thoughts, the writer keeps a keen eye on Pakistan's local politics and changing internal dynamics while analyzing its impacts on the country's role as an international actor.

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