5 Most Fortunate Bitcoin Traders

Bitcoin has received all sort of attention from media, governments, and traders to become a talk of the town

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Bitcoin has received all sort of attention from media, governments, and traders to become a talk of the town. We have heard a lot about its skyrocketed price impacts recently but it never answered our curiosity to tell about the traders who earned a great fortune without even executing a single trade. 5 Most Fortunate Bitcoin Traders.

This article will not cover the results of smartly crafted trading strategies; it will show you the working of destiny in favor of most passive traders.

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Below we will see how “Lady Luck” knocked at the doors of these five lucky crypto traders who turned millionaire without having to execute many trades.

Erik Fineman

In 2011, Erik received $1000 from his grandmother as a gift. He was only 11 and he had no idea what do with this money until his brother suggested to invest it in Bitcoins. Its value of only $12 a coin at that time and it was not well known.

5 Most Fortunate Bitcoin Traders

He sold all the coins in 2013 at a better price and earned more than $1000. He did not like going to school and he made a bet to his parents that he will not attend school if he became a millionaire before he turns 18. He won the bet and living a prosperous life.

He started an educational academy for students who don’t like attending school in 2014.

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Anonymous person

This person kept himself anonymous so that he doesn’t get the attention. He made a big trade in 2010 by purchasing 12,000 bitcoins when its value would not get you a small pizza. In 2013 the price of one coin reached $100 and he sold all of them. He made a fortune of $10 million in just three years.

Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith is one of the early investors who started buying Bitocins in 2010. he was not an active trader but continuously executed trades in long intervals until 2013.

He sold most of his bitcoins when its price was 2000 times higher than its purchases price and earned more than $25 million.

He is living a dream life now, he still owns 1000 digital coins and aims to sell them once its value reached $15000.

Olaf-Carlson Wee

Olaf Carlson Wee was a visionary man, in 2013 he started working for Coinbase with an agreement to receive his salary in Bitcoins instead of fiat currency. By doing so, he was able to make trades on and off and most of his trades were successful.

Because of the anonymity of Bitcoin, no one knows his exact worth but he is one of our lucky traders who is living a lavish life.

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Tim Enneking

Tim Enneking is the most distinguished person in this list because of his skeptical believes in this currency. However, he was the first person who founded digital currency. His job of Hedge Fund Manager rewarded him with many performance awards.

He kept on doing research on Bitcoins and found it reliable to trade. The luck has nothing to do with his success as a trader since his decision of trading was based on his research and logic.  He is a millionaire now and living a satisfied life.


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