4 most unfortunate Bitcoin Losers of 2017

We hear about Bitcoin Billionaires quite often, today we will know the most unfortunate bitcoin traders who lost all of their money without their own fault.

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4 most unfortunate Bitcoin Losers of 2017. There are always two sides of the story. As it goes with the nature where rose and thrones grow on a same branch. We hear about Bitcoin Billionaires quite often, today we will know the most unfortunate bitcoin traders who lost all of their money without their own fault.

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4 most unfortunate Bitcoin Losers of 2017

4 most unfortunate Bitcoin Losers of 2017

James Howell

James Howell is a 32 year old trader from Walles. He was one of the early adopters of Bitcoin and started in 2009. The same year Bitcoin was invented. He bought coins when they were cheap and stored them on the Hard-disk of his computer. He never knew that the coins will be more than $100 million worth today. After the computer got faulty, he dismantled it and stored the parts in the store along with the hard-disk in which his coins were stored.

The store kept piling up with more stuff over the span of 6 years. The place accumulated years of useless stuff which made it hard for James to find the hard-disk in which his Coins were stored.

However, he is still searching for the hard-disk so that he could make his wish of buying a Limberghori come true. It is possible that he finds the disk but it is unsure if the disk is still in a safe condition to recover his coins.

Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder is the next unlucky trader who lost the PIN/Password of his wallet in which he stored coins of worth $30000 in 2016. Although he made some profitable trades afterwards but losing control to his wallet means there is no remedy to reclaim his money unless he reminds the password. He bought a hardware wallet to store his wealth.

When he set up the wallet and PIN, it asked a security question in case he forgets the password. He wrote down the security question on a piece of paper and kept it in his room. One day he forgot the PIN and he has to put the security question to get access to his money. He was shocked to know that the piece of paper was thrown away by one of his cleaners.

Frauenfelder is eagerly posting for online help in this regard and  paid dozens of visits to the Wallet manufacturer but to no advantage. The bad part of the story is that some hacker got the PIN and stolen all his wealth.

Cody Brown

Cody is probably the most unfortunate of all. He lost $8000 worth of coin in less than 20 minutes.

The hacker used his friends account to send him a tweet. He replied as was asked by the hackers. They broke into his account and stolen all the information. Brown is a realistic person and keeps no hope of finding his money back.

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Simon is the next prey of online fraud. He found a fraudulent company online who used to sell drugs, guns and make counterfeit documents. Simon asked them to make a passport and a Press card of a renowned newspaper. He deposited $10000 as part of the deal and signed a contract. The painful part of the story is that he never heard back from them after giving them the money. However, through a money-laundering story of a Russian man, he got to know that his money has been looted.


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