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Health is Wealth: 3 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy in Life

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3 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy in Life. Caught up in work? No time for fitness regime? Worry not! Here are a few tips to help you stay fit while carrying on with a tough work routine and busy schedule.

Less Can be More

Many fitness trainers now dismiss the myth of having an exercise routine that lasts 40 minutes and more. What they profess instead is rather than not doing any exercise at all because you can’t make it to the gym for an hour, it is better to break your fitness routine in smaller sets of exercises. Even though the benefits of working out in a gym are more visible in less time, having some fitness routine than none is still better health option. So, for example you could do a 2 minutes of arm toning exercises that can easily be done while having a small break at work place. Similarly you could also opt for a 5-10minutes small cardio workout consisting of different exercises. Two minutes for squatting and lunging can be incorporated in a day’s work too.

3 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy in Life

Enjoy with Your Kids

We are all caught up in an environment where screen has become the medium of interaction. Because of this most of us are glued to our laptops or mobiles because most of the work we do doesn’t require us to move around much. In such times, our kids have become screen addicts as well as most of them now have some form of digital tablet in their possessions. To keep the family bonded and strive for a healthy and fit lifestyle it is important that we take time out and spend time with kids outdoors. Taking your kids out in the park or a walk helps not only with the bonding and relationship building but is an effective way for a family to understand the benefit of staying healthy. Playing with kids whether it is on the trampoline or dancing around with them is a great way of workout.

Three Simple Tips to Stay Healthy in Life
Kids enjoying in the farm

Eat Right

It is extremely important that you eat not only the right food but also healthy food. When one is busy with their day routine it is easy to grab anything to eat that one can get their hands on. What we need to understand is that not only our eating option but also eating habits and timings play a crucial role in our fitness. One could take a day out from their week to prepare healthy meals and store them in small packets to munch on during the hectic work routine.

Many people skip on breakfast because they are running late for work or would simply feel activated on caffeine. A healthy breakfast is a vital part of the day so make sure you eat the right breakfast and also make it a habit for your children as well. Carry a few healthy snacks with you in your bag like a fruit with some raw nuts, vegetable sticks and hummus, a couple of wholegrain rice cakes with some almond or peanut butter (unsweetened of course) or yoghurt with some mixed nuts and seeds.Whatever options you develop for yourself, always remember your health requires your attention as much as your work does. So, make sure you don’t compromise it for a hectic routine.

Practice these mentioned 3 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy on routine basis and enjoy every moment of life.

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