Top 5 Pakistani Female Influencers on Instagram You Must Follow

The game of "Influencer Marketing" is going strong across social media

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Influencer marketing is the buzzword from last 2 years. Why to waste an excessive budget on marketing and that too on conventional marketing? Social media has the potential to market for brands in more cost-effective way. Also the Return on Investment (RoI) on social media marketing is more as compared to the counter part marketing. That is the main reason that companies from Telecom, FMCG, Fashion etc. have started hiring Instagram influencers these days. So in this blog, we are going to share Top 5 Pakistani Female Influencers on Instagram You Must Follow. The ranking is based on the number of followers, type of content they share and their content engagement every influencer has on their Instagram profile.

Top 5 Pakistani Female Influencers on Instagram You Must Follow

1. Hira Attique

A lifestyle blogger who has 234k followers on her Instagram. She mostly collaborates with fashion and beauty brands of Pakistan. Hira is a creative mind who always come up with amazing posts for its clients ans obviously audience too.

2. Hemayal Attique

Hemayal is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger. She is also active on Snapchat @miloattique and Twitter: @hemayalattique. Currently she has 190k followers on her Insta.

3. Humna Raza

Humna is a creative soul who is dentist by profession but her talent is not only limited to dentistry. She loved to share mind-blowing post on her Instagram while helping different brands to reach out to their audience. Humna has 190k followers in Insta.

4. Tahleel Gulalai Khan

Tahleel is another brilliant influencer on Instagram with over 182k followers. She is final year Dental student and a self-taught MUA. She mostly talks about mental health, makeup, self love and also helping mid to higher level brands to grow on social media.

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5. Syeda Urooj Fatima

Urooj is from Multan and shares impressive posts on Trans rights, special people rights and mental health of individuals. She has currently 142k followers.

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