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Samsung Dekho Meri Nazar Se – A Thought Provoking Ad

Samsung New Ad Conveys Very Powerful Message

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In a world full of divide, biases and prejudices; Samsung invites you to look through its lens and see all humans as one through its amazing Ramadan advertisement this year. The ad conveys very strong message to public by focusing on the humanly created attitudes of divide, prejudices and biases. Samsung Dekho Meri Nazar Se, let’s watch the powerful message here:

Samsung Dekho Meri Nazar Se – A Thought Provoking Ad

In this holy month of Ramadan, we all need to focus on the same message. ALLAH (SWT) has created all humans equally, same color and same blood hence it is our duty to help the ones who are currently lacking short of food and other basic necessities of life.

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