Now Get Your Jazz SIM at Your Door Step

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With the rise of e-commerce industry in Pakistan, we have witnessed various phenomenal changes in the country. From grocery, mobile phones, clothes, food to many other products people are enjoying the delivery of things at their door step. In this regard, Jazz, the leading mobile operator in Pakistan, has also come up with an idea to avail new SIM or replace it for Jazz users on their door steps. Now Get Your Jazz SIM at Your Door Step. This will cut the time spent on vising Jazz offices and applying for new SIM. Definitely, this services will make the lives of customers very easy.

Now Get Your Jazz SIM at Your Door Step

All a customer need is to fill the form with with his/her details and within few days Jazz will deliver the SIM at doorstep.

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Once the Jazz representative is on your door, you will come out to receive and activate your SIM. Are you thinking about the bio-metric verification of the SIM? Here is the answer. Jazz has partnered with delivery companies. The delivery partners will be equipped with bio-metric devices that will help the customer to verify his/her SIM on the spot.

So order your SIM online today & become the part of Pakistan’s largest telecom network “Jazz”

For more Details Click Here: Jazz

How to Order Jazz SIM Online:

  1. Go to Jazz and order your SIM
  2. Select your SIM number
  3. Your SIM will be on your door withing 24 hours
  4. Perform the bio-metric verification process
  5. Pay cash to the delivery guy and enjoy Jazz connection

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