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How to Setup and Use an Electric Smoker

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Are you looking for an alternative method to cook delicious and healthy food? Then using “electric smoker” is the best option for you. An electric smoker basically helps to cook food on a very low temperature while preserving the meat’s original flavor. But there are some tips that everyone needs to know before taking advantage of an electric smoker.

How to Setup an Electric Smoker?

Seasoning is the very first step involved in setting up any type of electric smoker. By seasoning we mean to run an electric smoker while it is empty in order to eliminate dust. Odors etc. from it.

The next step is to rub properly the smoker’s inner surfaces including racks etc. and turn it on for 1-2 hours at 200 °F.

After the seasoning step, turn the smoker off carefully and make sure not to touch any of its part until it cool down properly.

This process is done only once as the smokers are brand new and it needs to be clean before using it for cooking food.

Learn How to Use an Electric Smoker

Everyone must know the parts of an electric smoker before using it. So following are the main elements of every type and model smoker:

  • Smoker body
  • Digital controller Pad
  • Wood Chip Bowl W/Lid
  • Water Bowl
  • Drip Tray

In the next section of our blog we will help our readers to understand the usage of every single element of an electric smoker.

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