Government Blocked Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in Pakistan

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Government Blocked Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in Pakistan. The situation in the Capital from last 19 days has effected the economy of Pakistan to a very larger extent. Offices, schools, collages etc. routine is severely damaged by the contemporary circumstances in the country.

Government Blocked Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in Pakistan

Finally the Government of Pakistan (GoP) has come up with the courage to resolve the dispute and started crack down since today’s morning. In this regard, the Government has ordered all TV channels not to show live crack down of the incident but the media didn’t cooperated. So finally PEMRA has to blocked TV and some famous social media site as well. These sites include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Let’s see what we hear next from Government side about the currently on going extremely disturbing situation in the country.

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Whereas, public is complaining on this blockage. Complains of inaccessibility started pouring in on Twitter mid-afternoon on Saturday. Some users say the social media ‘blackout’ is restricting people from their right to information.


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