Apple to Acquire Shazam for $400 Million

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Apple to Acquire Shazam for $400 Million. The news appear on many technology website stating that Apple is going to buy the music App Shazam for Rs. $400 Million. Shazam is a UK based company and is established in 1999. Shazam allows its users to identify & buy music via a snippet of sound.

The news of this deal has been officially announced  by neither Shazam nor Apple. Let’s see when the involved companies come up with the official announcement.

If the deal is confirmed, Shazam will become the latest in a string of UK technology firms to be bought up by larger businesses.

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Apple to Acquire Shazam for $400 Million

Shazam claims that its 100 million monthly users comes via Apple Play Store hence the company earns its revenue from the Apple’s iTunes Store referrals.

By acquiring Shazam, Apple would basically cut out the middleman and save money on commissions.

Additionally, the deal would also enable the Apple iTunes users to identify and buy their favorite music more easily.

Download Shazam at Android Play Store Here: Shazam


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